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Marvel Comics
Oh, looks like we might have been bang on the money from the beginning with the latest Children Of The Vault twist in the X-Men comic books In X-Men #16 As Forge goes into the Vault to rescue Darwin, the X-Man who survived and has been living, and surviving there, for hundreds, nay, thousands of[...]
Marvel Comics
But, since his use by Professor Xavier to basically build what Krakoa is from a technological point of view, he has become quite the go-to-fellow when you have a morally dubious design to be hatched. But yes, the MCU wiped out half the universe before they were brought back, Uranos committed genocide amongst the Arakki on[...]
Jonathan Hickman Brings Ultimate Reed Richards' The City To The X-Men
There was some debate, now presumably settled. X-Men #5 artwork. X-Men #5 artwork. The Vault and The Children Of The Vault were reintroduced from Mike Carey's run on the X-Men years ago, with a similar conceit, also timelocked And now, it seems, having a version of The City inside it Could Jonathan Hickman be making The Vault and[...]
Laura Kinney - All Grown Up, Out Of The Vault? X-Men #18
We first met Serafina and the rest of the Children Of The Vault in Carey's run on X-Men over a decade ago, around #188 with Chris Bachalo And they were all up in Sabretooth's grill. With Serafina demonstrating the ability to delete digital data. And Fuego being rather… hot headed. Serafina also seemed to have telepathic powers, and[...]
Frank Tieri Rewrites the Marvel Universe in Ravencroft
But seemed to fail. Still, she made her departure briefly. But who was Serafina? Introduced by Mike Carey, who was tapped for the Dawn Of X books but was unable to make the time, maybe this is why? Anyway, we first met Serafina and the rest of the Children Of The Vault in Carey's run on X-Men[...]