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Tony Stark And Emma Frost, No Intimacy Before Marriage (Spoilers)
Tony Stark and Emma Frost got married last year in the Marvel comic books Kinda It was a Vegas wedding, Emma Frost was using her human secret identity, and it was all pretty much a scam to get Feilong of Orchis off their backs Marvel went to town with a big Wedding Promotional splash however,[...]
Interior preview page from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #11 KAEL NGU COVER
We're here to dissect the anticipated pap of Invincible Iron Man #11, which is set to infiltrate your local comic book shop on Wednesday, October 18th. MEET THE NEW HELLFIRE CLUB! Iron Man and Emma Frost begin their whirlwind honeymoon… …and their takeover of the Hellfire Club! Ah, how truly touching Between the finger sandwiches and the[...]
The Wedding Of Emma Frost And Tony Stark Is Not How It Was Pictured
Today sees the wedding of Tony Stark – Iron Man and the Black King of the Hellfire Club – and Emma Frost, White Queen of the Hellfire Club and former member of the Quiet Council of Krakoa Because no one can have too many titles This is how it was pictured on the two covers[...]
An X-Men Marriage And The First Firestar Fight
Somebody's getting married… and it's Tony Stark and Emma Frost A marriage of convenience but maybe more, something to get the attention of the press, the public, and the lawyers Emma Frost may own the intellectual property of Krakoa, but as a mutant, that will only go so far given the new legal restrictions being[...]
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But the tiniest steps back up are being taken in this week's X-Men comic books and more. Immortal Thor #1 While Invincible Iron Man #9 sees even the implied threat of Thor saving Tony Stark's skin from Orchis. Invincible Iron Man #9 So what more happened to the mutants evacuated from Krakoa by Professor Xavier, whom he now believes[...]
Tony stark And Emma Frost Are Getting An Arranged Marriage
Emma Frost has already signed papers to make Wilson Fisk, the new White King of the Hellfire Club, it was her business interests that funded the Krakoan economy, but she is a mutant and banned from the USA Tony Stark remains an American citizen This is a marriage of economics, or convenience, arranged for property[...]
Is Iron Man Getting A Suit Made Out of Mysterium?
Including that Iron Man will be getting a brand new costume as Tony Stark continues his association with his new wife, Emma Frost, and it appears to be made up of the mutant alien material of Mysterium. Mysterium is a unique metallic meta-material formed by condensing kirbons and harvested from the White Hot Room accessible by[...]
Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan Back To Life For Emma Frost & Iron Man Wedding
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on the upcoming wedding of Emma Frost of the Quiet Council of Krakoa, and Tony Stark, Iron Man Getting married in the X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 crossover event from Marvel Comics spinning out of the Hellfire Gala ahead of the Fall of X Publishing in September, both[...]
Emma Frost And Tony Stark To Marry, They Deserve Each Other
The wedding of Emma Frost and Tony Stark It was first teased in The History Of The Marvel Universe #6 by Al Ewing four years ago. Man, we didn't even know what The King In Black was back then But it did prophecy the future And I know they have their fans, and they can be[...]
What Do You Call A Hellfire Gala Without Emma Frost? #XSpoilers
Emma Frost turned up in the recent Invincible Iron Man, as the title swerves into a bit of an X-Men crossover, dealing with Feilong and Stark Sentinels During which, Emma Frost, famed for a litany of daring costumes over the years, gave a reckoning for them. "The saucy outfits were always meant to distract from the[...]
Mark Brooks, Immoral X-Men And That Emma Frost Cover
Mark Brooks is a longstanding X-Men cover artist, including for the Emma Frost cover to Immoral X-Men #1, listed below But on Facebook, he wrote about how it all came together at the last minute. I'm painting the cover traditionally and want it to be perfect I've gotten a due date of Friday the 13th I[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday X-Men
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Jon Hamm & Emma Frost Of Course Jon Hamm & Emma Frost Were An Item – X-Men's Hellfire Gala Chris Claremont's New Marvel Comic Is… X-Treme X-Men² Star Trek: SNW: Melissa Navia to Anti-Ortegas Bigots: "We All See You" Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston Reveals 60th Anniversary Plans GI Joe, Thundercats,[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday X-Men
But there is a journey to get there, especially as Emma Frost, former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and member of The Quiet Council has a history with her. Emma wanted to show Firestar the Krakoan stables? Is that not rubbing it in? Don't know what we mean? Well, in today's Immortal X-Men #3, Emma[...]
Hellfire Gala
And in Cable #10, even Cyclops is getting down with Emma Frost's plans With Jumbo Carnation assuring him it will all be okay… Cable #10 As the Official Guide tells us, "Krakoa's best and brightest strut down the proverbial runway boasting the most fabulous fashions the young island-nation has to offer Bold colors match bold attitudes, and[...]
First Appearance Of Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost On Auction At Heritage
Heritage Auctions Sponsored Post Maybe one of the most underrated key comics from Marvel Comics, Uncanny X-Men #129 features the first appearances of Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, and the Hellfire Club So, only two of the most impactful mutant characters ever Personally, Kitty is my favorite mutant character, and I have always wanted to snag a[...]
So Who Sired Shinobi Shaw Anyway?
Once, off-panel, at the hands of Sebastian Shaw, then revived by Selene for Necrosha-X. Necrosha-X #1 And then again, in the run-up to House Of X in Uncanny X-Men, in the most mysterious of suicide scenes. Uncanny X-Men In the Marauders comic books, Sebastian Shaw was there to bring him back to life along with the other mutants on[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
But it involves recent mention of the Hellfire Gala. Spoiler sign   In Marauders #7, Emma Frost tells Callisto that Jumbo Carnation has suggested they have a Hellfire Gala, whatever that would be. Credit: Marvel In Marauders #9,  the human secret services' X-Desk notes that Emma Frost has now registered the domain for HellfireGala.com. Credit: Marvel Hank McCoy, the Beast, also asks in[...]
X-Men #129 Highest Graded CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect
Not only is it one of the more powerful issues of the Claremont run on the book, but it is the first appearance of Kitty Pryde (my personal favorite mutant), Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club The professor comes back to the team, Banshee leaves the team, and it just leaves you so[...]
Even More About Statues in The Daily LITG 16th June 2020
Which right now seems to be discussing Emma Frost statues I know, who would have thought people would get so defensive of statues right now But they were equally concerned about Harley Quinn statues a year ago too Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters, a long-running run around the day before and[...]
Emma Frost Shows Her True Colors with Iron Studios X-Men Series
Iron Studios continues with their X-Men statue series as the White Queen herself, Emma Frost arrives This high class telepath is here and ready to kick some Sentinel ass in the newest statue This is yet another of the combinable statue for the massive $1,600+ X-Men vs Sentinels Battle Diorama Emma Frost will be showcased[...]
Marauders #10 [XH]
Magneto tells Sophie to tell Emma Frost to kill 'em all. We see an old email from Kate Pryde to Nightcrawler She references lots of great Claremont era character moments where Kurt helped her get through tough times She wants his support now as she deals with Krakoa rejecting her Hopefully, Kurt gets in touch soon[...]
Emma Frost Has Her Own Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Marauders #10
Cue the White Queen, Emma Frost, leading Pyro on a merry dance as they board a Russian ship, as the Marauders they are She could have switched to Diamond form She could have fried their brains in their skulls But Emma Frost decides to skip all that, following the dictum Kill No Human, and undoes[...]
Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 [Preview]
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman, and with the book being both oversized and overpriced, we can probably expect a nice, meaty preview, right? Well, not exactly… Instead, we get just two pages, with not a lot happening. Well, something is[...]
Wednesday New Year's Day 2020
Marauders#5 sees Kate Pryde and Emma Frost, once the worst of frenemies, now the best of them, revisit old lives. And toast the new year in Krakoan Slàinte from Emma Frost…. …and 'gracias' from Kate Pryde Now that Emma has widened her language experiences I know that Krakoan is earning lots of money from all its medicines[...]