Yet More Secrets From The Battleworld

battleworldThe fourth in a series of secrets to be revealed around the Secret Wars Battleworld…. here are the previous first, second and third… you can start to judge how well we did by now.

Last week we told you about Doctor Doom's negative attitude to mutants, as will be seen in the upcoming X-Tinction Agenda and Years Of Future Past. That is also extended to the world of 1602, where they are known as "witchbreeds" and threaten the throne. Doom wishes them all dead.

We've been looking at Doom's intolerance to world's infringing onto other worlds. We will learn  that teleportation won't usually work between worlds, thanks to an interference grid created by Doom. But there are weaknesses. If there are rifts between worlds, don't try to fix them yourselves. Doom hates that even more.

But Doom seems to allow a little leeway from some worlds, such as the permanent rift of Ultimate End. Or Utopolis whose Squadron Sinster annexes territories around them for reasons of security. Including the home to the old Shadowline Marvel titles. Or the Quiet Room in Attilan which hosts visitors from many worlds in its bar, working as an unofficial, less public version of Doomstadt's court, though it hides a rebellion – and that he will not tolerate. And then there's Mister Sinister of Bar Sinister, already the subject of Doom's wrath in Secret Wars #2, but who has a chef that can unite the worlds, if he so cared for him to do so.

It seems that worlds are either monarchies, where Doom deems with the king or queen or the land, or baronets, where he deals with the Baron. The two seem to equate for Doom. Oh and souls are owned and created by Doom. He is God after all.

Doom has destroyed and remade domains on the Battleworld before they get out of hand. No one knows what is to the south of the Battleworld, beyond the mountains. And prominent people in positions of power in the Killzone include Kraven and the Frightful Four…

And watch out for the dead Superior Doctor Octopus…


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