A New Report Shows Twitch Picked Up The Majority Of Mixer Streamers

It's been four months since the fallout from Microsoft abruptly ending Mixer, and we're now learning Twitch came out a big winner from it. In a new report from Streamlabs, when Mixer closed up shop and left most of their users having to choose between going to Facebook Gaming or heading somewhere else, the vast majority chose to head to Twitch. Most likely because many of Mixer's users were people who were either not satisfied with Twitch and left for another platform or were suspended/banned and looking for a new home. Here are some of the talking points from the report from Streamlabs.

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Credit: Twitch
  • Audiences watched over 7.46 billion hours of content across all live streaming platforms. This number is slightly down from last quarter (7.71 billion hours in Q2). Year-over-year, the live streaming industry grew by 91.8%, compared to 3.89 billion hours watched in Q3 2019.
  • YouTube Gaming experienced the most growth for hours watched with an increase of 156M hours from Q2 to Q3.
  • Facebook Gaming surpassed 1 billion hours watched for the first time.
  • Following the shutdown of Mixer, Twitch appears to have drawn the majority of its streamers to its platform. Twitch now represents 91.1% of the market share for hours streamed, up 14.5% from last quarter. This massive increase can be attributed to Mixer's shutdown, which captured 14.2% of all content live-streamed last quarter. That is compared to Facebook Gaming, which now represents 3.4% of the market share, and increased by 1% since last quarter, and YouTube Gaming, which now represents 5.5% of the market share, and decreased by 1.2% since last quarter.

It's an interesting thing to note that while Microsft did leave a lot of people out into the cold, they offered those same people an alternative and help to get set up on it, and were outright rejected by most of them. Even Ninja went back to Twitch, and it looked like the two sides would not be working again. Whether that be because they had no interest in Fg or were simply turned off by what Microsoft did is totally dependant on the streamer, but its clear most went back to something familiar rather than start over again somewhere new.

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