From Arcade to Console: We Tried Killer Queen Black at E3

Adding to their impressive Nindies library, Nintendo snagged Killer Queen Black and showed it off on the main floor at E3 this year. The game actually got its start as a 5-v-5 arcade game called just Killer Queen that we've had the pleasure of playing a few nights with some liquor in our veins at bar arcades. We were quite pleased with the gameplay and style that harkened back to such classic games like Joust, but gave people a multiplayer experience. This new version plays like the original but with some choice flavoring for it to become a Switch title.

From Arcade to Console: We Tried Killer Queen Black at E3
credit//BumbleBear Games

First, it's been shrunk to 4-v-4. Second, the animations and the graphics have been given a little bit of an overhaul to take it out of being a complete arcade title and more of a war-type game. Think Super Smash Bros., but with objectives and two opposing sides. Your goal is to win one of three ways, either by defeating your enemies in battle, racking up resources, or through perseverance on the economic side. You have a couple different worker bees to choose from that can become greater at their jobs while one of you becomes the Queen Bee and can kill most violently. I absolutely loved this version of Killer Queen Black and can't wait to play it. Sadly, we have to wait until the first quarter of 2019 to get it on Switch and Steam as well.

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