"Ascent: Infinite Realm" Changes Its Name To "Elyon"

Kakao Games and Krafton announced this week that Ascent: Infinite Realm would be getting a name change, as it has now been renamed to Elyon. According to the developers, this was done "to better reflect the new focus of the game with the pivot of the core design of the product". Beyond that, you have to get a little meta about the description and what it entirely means. Which they did, as you can read below about the reasoning behind the name itself.

Elyon Main Logo
Credit: Kakao Games

The name Elyon is meant to evoke the adventure of exploring a new world and is also the name of the portals that players will be fighting over when striving for dominance of the world with their chosen faction. A large portion of the content in the game is being revamped as well, based on feedback that was received from beta tests in Asia. The developers have decided to focus on combat, adventure and both faction and individual battles. The core combat system has moved away from tab-targeting to skill-based, free action combat that also has a rich array of customization. The setting and lore of the world of Elyon has also been changed and refined to fit this new vision of the game, although the game will retain its distinct blend of technology and magic.

Regardless of how you feel about the name, we have yet to see a release date for their upcoming MMORPG. While you can do a standard Google search and find a bunch of footage from people who have tested the game out and given it a preview, the company is still no closer to letting us know a year it will come out, let alone a proper release date. We're expecting to hear news about it in 2020, with rumors suggesting Tokyo Game Show 2020 would be the date. But with events getting canceled left and right, who knows when it might happen.

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