Atari Celebrates Pong's 45th Anniversary With "Pong Day" & New Products

Guess what, everyone! It's "Pong Day"! At least, that's what Atari is officially declaring November 29th moving forward as their iconic game turns 45 years old today. Along with the announcement comes some new products that will be coming out over the next few months, starting with an Atari Speaker Hat specifically for the game, same as the one we reviewed for Blade Runner. But the item that caught our eye the most was the Table Pong, which is basically a coffee table with Pong built inside as a working model (as in no screens, it's all moveable objects and pully levers as if it were foosball). Here's a brief quote from the press release sent out this morning.

Atari Celebrates Pong's 45th Anniversary With "Pong Day" & New Products

"Atari Speakerhats resonate with fans both new and old, and this new Pong design is something that people have been asking for," said Atari Connect COO, Michael Arzt. "Atari's social pages have been filled with love and accolades for the Speakerhats, and also with requests for designs based on our classic game franchises. We expect that unveiling the Pong Anniversary Limited-Edition Speakerhat on 'Pong Day' will make a lot of dedicated Atari fans and lovers of retro pop-culture very happy."

Those are just the tipping point products of what's to come over the next year from the company as they celebrate the gamed. But for now, happy Pong Day, and enjoy getting your speaker hat.

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