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Arcade 1Up Introduces Multiple New Arcade Cabinets At CES 2021
Plus several Atari and Capcom Legacy Edition cabinets, and a brand new Pong Pub Style table in which you and three others can face off against each other in the classic game You can read more about the multi-game cabinets below and check out some new images. A look at the 4-Player version of X-Men on[...]
Atari Reveals The Mini Pong Jr. For The Holiday Season
Atari are gearing up for the holiday season with all their new items, as they revealed today the Mini Pong Jr As you can see here, this is a small tabletop version of the game that is about the size of a Nintendo Wii U, in which both players can play the classic title like[...]
Atari Celebrates Pong's 45th Anniversary With "Pong Day" & New Products
Guess what, everyone! It's "Pong Day"! At least, that's what Atari is officially declaring November 29th moving forward as their iconic game turns 45 years old today Along with the announcement comes some new products that will be coming out over the next few months, starting with an Atari Speaker Hat specifically for the game,[...]