Avengers: Endgame is Coming to Mobile CCG Marvel Battle Lines

Nexon and Marvel's mobile card battle game, Marvel Battle Lines, is getting an update to prepare for Avengers: Endgame with a massive new content update. The new Battle Lines update will roll out with more than 100 new cards with original art, costumes, and abilities inspired by the film, a new original Avengers storyline, and a special in-game event.

The full details on the update includes:

  • 100+ Brand New Character and Ability Cards: Collect more than 100 new cards, featuring fan-favorite characters donning costumes inspired by the upcoming feature film as well as brand new powerful abilities. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and more will be geared up in their teamsuits and ready to battle against new cards for characters, including Thanos and Ronin.
  • Blitz Mode: A new lightning-fast PvP mode will be introduced, where characters automatically appear according to deck order to battle with the opponent character located in front of them.
  • 10 new deck leaders: Players will be able to assemble their decks with the unique abilities of the new deck leaders including Captain America, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Shuri, Spider-Gwen, Nick Fury, Hela, Red Skull, Loki, and Ultron.

You can preview a few of the new Endgame cards in the gallery below.

The gameplay of Marvel Battle Lines centers around its unique 3×4 game board, where players will compete with a custom deck of 12 character and ability cards, deploying them to the battlefield to create combos to deal damage and defeat their opponent. MARVEL Battle Lines features an extensive single-player campaign with an original story crafted by Marvel writer Alex Irvine, real-time turn-based PvP, and limited time story events.

Marvel Battle Lines is available now for iOS and Android. It's also the best Marvel tcg we've seen so far, so if you're a huge fan of the comics and want to play a mobile ccg, you should probably get on that.

You can check out the Battle Lines Endgame trailer below.

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