Bandai Namco Announces New Anime Title My Hero Ultra Rumble

Bandai Namco has revealed a brand new anime video game during Anime Expo this weekend as we're getting My Hero Ultra Rumble. The game was revealed at the Bandai Namco "Summer Showcase" panel today in which they showed off the online battle royale title where you will choose from your favorite characters from MY Hero Academia to face off against other players to see who will be the last one standing. You will be able to pick your favorite character and partner up with two other players online as a group to defeat seven opposing teams, giving you 24 players per match.

Bandai Namco Announces New Anime Title My Hero Ultra Rumble
Credit: Bandai Namco

You'll be dropped into arenas and take part in memorable fights where you'll need to make the most of your Quirk, augment your power, and unleash some of the most powerful skills at your disposal. You'll need to coordinate with your allies and make tactical decisions while also using the environment to your advantage, all to be the last ones remaining. Pre-registrations are officially open for a Closed Beta Test on PS4, which will happen from August 18th-21st, 2022.  The game will eventually be released for PC and all three major consoles, however, no official release date has been announced.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, players will join one of eight three-player teams as Heroes or Villains as they battle on expansive citywide maps. By controlling classic My Hero characters, fans can make the most of their Quirks to attack enemies and cooperate with their team to survive fights. Players can also contribute to their team's victory by rescuing or intimidating civilians on the field to obtain powerful items that can determine the outcome of the battle.

  • Become The Hero Or Villain You Want To Be: Choose your favorite characters from a quirky roster divided into 5 archetypes: Strike, Assault, Rapid, Technical, and Support.
  • Form The Ultimate Squad: Leap into the fray with 2 other quirk users and fi ght for victory!
  • Collect Items & Get Stronger: Find items and defeat opponents to improve your abilities and get the upper hand over other teams!
  • Customize Your Experience: Unlock new characters and new customization options by gaining experience and winning rewards.

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