Bibots Announces Release Window For Sometime In Q2 2022

French publisher PID Games announced today that they will be releasing their new game Bibots in 2022, aiming for sometime in Q2 on PC. The game is a combination of a shooter with roguelike and bullet hell mechanics, as you'll explore a weird new world filled with enemies you'll need to clear out as quickly as possible. The game will have you taking on the role of an explorer named Tayar, who is controlling a nervy robot to help clear rooms filled with items, treasures, and secrets. Oh, and monsters, tons of monsters! You'll battle through, die frequently, and come back until you can meet the last boss at the end. You can check out the latest trailer for the game below as you can add it to your Steam wishlist at the link above.

Bibots Announces Release Window For Sometime In Q2 2022
Credit: PID Games

Takaful planet has been invaded by dreadful creatures and monsters which sow its destruction. Play as Tayar, chosen by a Bibot to be the savior of this world on the brink of apocalypse. Become one of these mechanical creatures, customize your weapons, be brave and exterminate the threat of an evil mastermind.

Venture thourgh mysterious temples with various atmospheres, where no game is alike. Rooms generate in a procedural way, ranging from battle arenas, to treasure rooms, merchants and secret evolving continuously. There is a Bibot for each of us. Choose yours well, because all have unique abilities that match different playstyles. Master them all, unlock new special attacks and annihilate your toughest enemies. An array of weapons to customize with the items earned or purchased during your epic journey. Combine their effects and devise the perfect gun. Gain experience to improve essential skills and techniques. Rather survivalist, soldier or scientist? Your time is running out. The faster you reach next levels, and the faster you destroy the enemies, the more bonus you get!

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