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BioWare Denies that Dragon Age 4 is Taking Precedence over Anthem

BioWare Denies that Dragon Age 4 is Taking Precedence over Anthem

Several key members of the BioWare team have reportedly left Anthem in favor of Dragon Age 4, but the studio insists it is still 100% committed to supporting the coop shooter. Rumors that BioWare was giving up on Anthem surfaced earlier this week due to the news that Executive Producer Mark Darrah, Lead Producer Michael Gamble, and Lead Director Jonathan Warner were no longer working on Anthem.

Reports like this one from GamesRadar soon gained traction among concerned fans of both games:

In recent weeks, three key members of Anthem's lead development team have departed from work on the project, including Executive Producer Mark Darrah, Lead Producer Michael Gamble, and Lead Director Jonathan Warner, with only the latter intending to return to the game following a personal sabbatical.

According to a recent tweet from Gamble, the reason for this behind the scenes reshuffle seems to be Dragon Age shaped, as BioWare places the majority of its focus on getting Dragon Age 4 our of the door, following several reported reboots of the RPG sequel.

When asked by a fan about who the Anthem community should turn to for questions and queries, Gamble confirmed that the game's Lead Producer Ben Irving and Head of Live Service Chad Robertson are now the ones spearheading the game's post-launch cycle, and hopefully steering it into a brighter future than its rocky launch period.

Early this morning, Gamble went back on Twitter to insist that rumors of Anthem's demise were premature, by retweeting a statement from Anthem's Head of Live Services Chad Robertson.

Of course, having several producers leave a game after it launches isn't unusual. Often times creative staff moves on to a new title while other teams work on continued support. However, Anthem is a special case of a game. Many of the key features that were supposed to launch shortly after the game's release were heavily delayed, and naturally that has fans worried.

With reports indicating that Dragon Age 4 will also be a live service game, things continue to look rather grim for BioWare.

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