BioWare Developer Hints that Dragon Age 4 is Actually in the Works

A BioWare executive producer has made a pretty direct tease that Dragon Age 4 is coming.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age fans have been through the wringer in the last few years. The development team has made constant reference to the next game being in production, but as of yet, EA hasn't made it official. Earlier in the month, there were reports that the game was off the table or at least, working at an incredibly diminished capacity. Right now, the status of the game is rather unclear and it's impossible to parse the fact from hearsay.

Well, here is a little gas to throw onto the fire. Executive Producer of the Dragon Age franchise, Mark Laidlaw has teased the game's existence again, making it pretty clear that it is on the way. While going through all of the game's he worked on on Twitter, he ended that he is currently executive producer on Anthem, as well as another project, Dragon Age 4. He tweeted:

What's interesting about this, is that there has been some confusion if the next Dragon Age game would be some kind of spinoff or new idea, but the reference here to it being DA4, would seemingly suggest it is the next mainline game. How far away the game is and if we can expect the for-real announcement at this E3, we can't say. For now, Dragon Age fans will have to exercise what they have been for a few years now: patience.