BioWare Reveals Anthem Balance and Bug Fixes Coming Next Week

This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame

BioWare has detailed the upcoming Anthem patch in a livestream yesterday, and it looks like the March 12th patch will focus mostly on bug and balance fixes. The stream occurred just shortly after the news hit that there was a major bug in the game's default weapons that made Level 1 weapons overpowered when used by high-level players.

The livestream was hosted by BioWare's Ben Irving, who serves as Anthem's Lead Producer. Irving went over a number of changes coming to the game with next week's patch, as well as changes that will be coming in future updates to the game.

The March 12th patch will include:

  • A number of crash fixes, including the one that is shutting down PS4 consoles.
  • The bug causing the level 1 default weapons to outperform endgame rifles will be fixed.
  • A 30 second respawn timer will be added to many sections in missions where you can respawn yourself.
  • Players will be able to launch missions from anywhere in Fort Tarsus rather than walking over to the Javelin to start them.
  • Animation times for crashing into walls and overheating problems will be reduced.
  • Common and Uncommon items will stop dropping after you hit level 30.
  • Most of the bugs causing dead Quickplay missions will be patched.
  • Players can now choose to challenge random Strongholds.
  • Gunslinger's Mark will work when the patch hits.
  • Ranger grenade cooldowns will work.
  • Wind wall and Ranger dome are being reworked to block damage in higher difficulty content.
  • Issues causing the sound cut bug will be patched out.
  • Server shutdown messages are getting tweaked.
  • Glitches that lock players behind walls will be removed.
  • The ultimate bar bug that causes an empty bar to look full will be patched.
  • Players will be able to prime Titans and do more damage to them to make them easier to take down.
  • The Mark of Ruin will work.
  • Melees and Ultimates are being buffed to do more damage at higher levels.
  • Base damage of all Masterwork weapons is being given a general buff.

As for future patches, we can look forward to better difficulty balancing, status page tweaks, master work support gear and new support items, and more world events.

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