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Black Desert Online Reveals More Details To Next 2023 Expansion

Pearl Abyss dropped a ton of details this week for the upcoming expansion to Black Desert Online: Land Of The Morning Light

Pearl Abyss has revealed a ton of details about their upcoming expansion for Black Desert Online, as we have learned a lot more about what's on the way. Land Of The Morning Light will serve as the first major expansion for the game in 2023, and it certainly shows as we're getting a ton of new additions, the twin classes finally coming to the main game, a number of enhancements, and several improvements to already-established mechanics. We have the full list of notes from the devs, images, and a new video for you below, as the content will be released on June 16th.

Black Desert Online Reveals More Details To Next 2023 Expansion
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online: Land Of The Morning Light

Black Desert Online's latest expansion takes Adventurers on a perilous and completely different kind of journey through the mythical Land of the Morning Light. In the new expansion, players will experience the following features:

  • History, Come to Life: Explore breathtaking landscapes, intricate architecture, and unique vegetation inspired by Korea's medieval Joseon period, the country's last dynastic kingdom. Pearl Abyss collaborated with 20 Korean institutions, including the National Museum of Korea and the Korea Tourism Organization, to re-create historical landmarks and update classic folktales for a worldwide audience.
  • Fight Mythical Bosses: Move over monster zones; it's time to level up by taking on nine new challenging bosses that can be defeated in customized difficulty levels. Test your skills against these bosses alone or in a co-op in exchange for powerful rewards.
  • Progress, Your Way: A non-linear questline featuring eight stories told across 15 chapters, gives players the freedom to complete the story in any order.
  • Immersive Storyline: Experience a mature narrative told through over 100 minutes of fully rendered cutscenes and more than 5,000 lines of voice acting, adding more rich storytelling to the world of Black Desert than ever before.
  • New Player Experience: Land of the Morning Light is Black Desert's second new player starting zone, where level-one players can jump in and select the region as their starting point in the game.

Twin Class Awakenings In May & June

Hailing from the Land of the Morning Light, the original twin female classes, Woosa and Maegu, will see their new, evolved classes arrive very soon with new looks, skills, and fighting abilities. Woosa Awakening draws strength from the Seocheon Flower Garden found in the Korean afterlife as she seeks to harness her newly discovered divine powers.

  • Woosa Awakening wields a variety of strange flowers, starting with the "Moonlit Blast," a skill where the flowers summoned around Woosa explode, causing heavy AoE damage.
  • "Floral Burst" creates small seeds in front of her that blossom into flowers after a short duration, dealing significant damage in the area.
  • "Seocheon field" when used, creates small flowers that bloom at the targeted location and explode when enemies approach them (like mines).
  • Finally, "Mark of the Moon" inflicts damage on enemies in front of her and leaves a mark on a target. The summoned flowers then pursue the marked target to claim its soul, and explode after a certain period to inflict damage.

As Maegu embarks on her Awakening quest, she gains profound insight into herself and re-learns to wield the fan. Although her awakening skills are still in the final stages of development, Pearl Abyss discussed Maegu Awakening's combat style featuring dual fan techniques and a melee-heavy combat approach.

  • She pierces through enemies with fiery Foxspirit attacks.
  • Spreading both fans to unleash a burst of flames, she inflicts debuffs in a wide area of effect.
  • While each movement skill may not cover a great distance, she has a variety of them that help her chase enemies at remarkable speed.
Black Desert Reveals Major Update During Calpheon Ball Event
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Developer Commentary On Inspiration, Enhancements, & More

In their comprehensive 40-minute stream today, Pearl Abyss' studio shared their sources of inspiration for the expansion, discussed key learnings from the Korean launch for the worldwide launch, revealed a new boss for the global launch, discussed new gear and went into detail about Woosa's and Maegu's Awakenings.

  • The expansion's key storylines are sourced from folklore and fables passed down orally for generations of Korean families. The adapted stories contain the most relatable themes, such as the love of parents or long-hidden love, across more than 80 story cutscenes, 40+ vignettes, and more than 6,000 fully dubbed lines.
  • The game's eight formidable bosses were created using various references to Korean folklore and legends, such as the Spinster Ghost, Songakshi; the tale of Princess Bari, from Jeju Island's Jin-guktae folklore; and the legend of the Golden Pig. The team also depicted the Korean Dokkebi in various forms, as well as the Korean versions of the Papu and Otters, who are from the folktale, "The Hare's Liver".
  • Using feedback from Korean players, Pearl Abyss will improve the global version of the game for the June 14 launch. The team provided NPCs with a wider range of expressions. It created a more seamless boss experience, starting boss fights in the middle of cutscenes to avoid disrupting the story flow.
  • Each boss possesses one of three attributes: Sun, Moon, or Earth, attributes that affect their AP and DP. As players progress, they'll obtain "Light Orbs" in limited quantities. Light Orbs are like points that enable players to enhance the Sun, Moon, or Earth attributes and deal more damage to the bosses and reduce the damage received. Pearl Abyss's team has quietly developed a brand new boss (number 10!), a monster called Imoogi, available on June 14.
  • Global players will also discover a new challenging mode: Boss Blitz. Once players defeat bosses, they can then compete to enter into a ranking system for bragging rights. Top scores are based on the speed with which players defeat bosses and are categorized on the various character classes.
  • Valuable new gear was announced during the stream, including the new accessory, "Belt of Taebaek," which comes with a special option that activates new skills immediately upon equipping it. As players defeat bosses, there is a small yet certain probability that they'll obtain special loot called the "Jewel of Illusion." Bring the jewel back to the main continent, where it can be crafted into accessories.
  • Players have been eagerly anticipating "Deboreka Earring", which not only possesses its own inherent attributes, but it plays a role in activating the Deboreka 3-Set Effect. New crystals will be added, too: Adventurers can unlock two additional crystal slots as they venture through the Land of the Morning Light. The new, highly anticipated gear, "Dahn's Gloves" come in two versions: damage reduction and evasion.
  • Two manors, which closely resemble the Blue Maned Lion's Manor, were shared. One is very spacious, with room for lots of decorations, while the other has a more compact design. This is the Shimhyangje, a unique residential area in the Land of the Morning Light, based on the traditional Korean hanok tile-roofed (giwa) house.
  • Players can also construct a new ship, the Panokseon. The Panokseon may appear to be primarily used for combat, as evident from its exterior design, but its true charm lies in the flexibility of the ship's performance, as it is able to hold quite a large crew.
  • Players can embark on adventures that are centered around "life skills." During this process, they can acquire the "Green Thumb" knowledge and after, a new skill called "Green Artisan".
  • The new Sniper Rifle enables players to target specific monster parts.

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