Blaze Entertainment Announces Intellivision Collections For Evercade

Evercade is getting another set of classic games as Blaze Entertainment will be making a series of Intellivision collections. The company will be making a cartridge for the portable retro games system which will eventually be called Intellivision Collection 1. It will feature 12 games from the home console, with three of them already named below and another nine to be revealed. No official release date has been added to this one yet, like a lot of the upcoming cartridges for the console, so we basically just have to wait to see what the plan is. We have more info about this particular set from Blaze Entertainment below.

Credit: Blaze Entertainment
Credit: Blaze Entertainment

In 2021, on the verge of a new era for Intellivision home consoles, Blaze Entertainment will bring more games from the original consoles to the Evercade system with the announcement of Intellivision Collection 1. With twelve games in total, we are excited to announce three popular Intellivision titles today – Astrosmash, Night Stalker and Frog Bog. The Intellivision range of consoles came with a unique control solution – a touch disc and a number pad for different game inputs, with key cards that slotted into the keypad for each game's control instructions. Adapting Intellivision's unique control method to the modern style controller is not an easy task and the new collection will keep the feel and playability of the games intact whilst bringing their controls up to date.

Frog Bog: The object of the game is to eat as many flies as you can in the three-minute time limit. Your frog can jump back and forth between the two lily pads in order to catch the flies that go by overhead. When jumping, be careful not to fall in the water or your frog will have to swim back to the lily pad, which can waste time.

Night Stalker: Robots, bats, and spiders chase you around a maze in Night Stalker. Players must pick up a gun that is randomly placed in the maze. The gun provides the player with a certain number of shots. Once depleted, the gun is again placed in a random part of the maze.

Astrosmash: In Astrosmash, the player controls a laser cannon at the bottom of the screen; the goal is to earn as many points as possible by destroying the various incoming meteors, bombs, and other objects. Points are earned for destroying objects, while points are lost for letting them get past the player.

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