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The Intellivision Amico Has Been Delayed Once More
Intellivision announced late Friday night that they have decided to delay the release of their upcoming game console the Amico, again The company chose to release the news yesterday evening in both an email to those who had pre-ordered as well as a tweet, burying the bad news in the middle of the night We[...]
Razer, Intellivision, & Indie Devs Join E3 2021 Lineup
The Entertainment Software Association revealed this week more companies who have joined the E3 2021 lineup, which includes Razer and Intellivision The organizers didn't really say much about the additions In fact, the entire press release (which we have for you below to read) basically just rolls off who is involved and nothing else It's[...]
Intellivision Releases A New Video Showing Off Amico Demo Reactions
Intellivision has released a brand new video today showing off people's reactions to their new consoles, the Amico The company took the brand new device and 11 of their official launch titles and traveled all the way to Texas to the National Videogame Museum, where they allowed members of the general public to just step[...]
The Intellivision Amico Has Been Pushed To Autumn 2021
Intellivision broke the news this morning that they have pushed back the release of the Amico, their next console, into the Fall of 2021 The short explanation given by the company was that "in order to guarantee a successful market launch of the unique family entertainment system, this decision was inevitable due to the global[...]
Blaze Entertainment Announces Intellivision Collections For Evercade
Evercade is getting another set of classic games as Blaze Entertainment will be making a series of Intellivision collections The company will be making a cartridge for the portable retro games system which will eventually be called Intellivision Collection 1 It will feature 12 games from the home console, with three of them already named[...]
J. Allard has joined Intellivision in a leadership role.
Intellivision decided to kick off 2021 with some actual gameplay footage from their upcoming gaming console, the Amico The video is hosted by the company's CEO and President, Tommy Tallarico, we get our first real look at how the console will play As you can see in the video below, the menu has several pre-loaded[...]
J. Allard has joined Intellivision in a leadership role.
Intellivision Entertainment announced that an industry veteran with hands in cofounding Xbox, Xbox Live, and Xbox Live Arcade has joined the company J Allard is now Intellivision's Global Managing Director As Microsoft's former Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer in the Entertainment and Devices Division, he was capable of making great things happen for[...]
Intellivision Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Amico New Look
This week, Intellivision released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Amico console, showing off what the device can do On the surface, it looks pretty fun, it looks like they have several titles lined up for its launch But those titles also look like reimagined versions of older titles you would associate with[...]
The Intellivision Amico Receives A Gameplay Demo Trailer
The folks over at Intellivision released a new trailer this week, as they put out a brand new gameplay demo video for the Amico The demo video is basically them playing the game Breakout with an HD view But this version of the game reminds us a lot of how Tetris Effect was designed Enjoy[...]
Intellivision Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Amico New Look
The folks over at Intellivision are celebrating their 40th anniversary this week by revealing a brand new look to the upcoming Amico console The company put together a brand new look that, while it kind of still resembles the past designs, has a few new changes Which they were happy to go over in a[...]
Intellivision Reveals Five New Amico Designs During Gamescom 2019
Intellivision Entertainment revealed five launch colors for its upcoming Amico home entertainment system at Gamescom 2019 The five colors include Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, Vintage Woodgrain, GTO Red with carbon fiber, and Galaxy Purple Beyond that, the company didn't have much to reveal for the console in terms of gaming or other surprises to show[...]
Intellivision Releases a New Trailer for the Amico Console
After this weekend's announcement from Intellivision about their new Amico console, the company has released proper images and a trailer Getting a better look at the system we can see the design with HDMI, a couple of USB ports, and an added memory port We also get a better look at the dial controllers that[...]
Intellivision Reveals Their Amico Console at Portland Retro Gaming Expo
This weekend at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Intellivision revealed their latest console that they'll be bringing to the market called the Amico According to reports from the event, the console will be released on October 10th, 2020, making it the company's first official console release in 38 years It will only play 2D games, which[...]
Details Slowly Coming Out About the New Intellivision Console
If you've been just a little bit curious as to what Intellivision Entertainment has in store for the upcoming new console, details are now starting to emerge IGN got an interview with the company's new president Tommy Tallarico, asking him what's going on with the system, and we got some interesting details Aside from the fact that[...]
Intellivision Announce a New Gaming Console Is on the Way
Some really shocking and surprising news today from the folks at Intellivision, who announced in a press release today that they will be releasing a brand new modern family gaming console It's a bit of a surprise considering the company has had very little to do with video games since the late '80s[...]