Bumble3ee Interactive Announces WorldSplitter For Late 2021

Bumble3ee Interactive announced a brand new game on the way as WorldSplitter will be coming out later this year. Developed by NeoBird Games, this is a unique kind of puzzler where you will be shifting between dimensions of the same level, changing aspects of the world to navigate from one end to the other. It's pretty cool and colorful, and it comes with a two-player mode to solve puzzles with the aid of a friend. You can check out more of the game below while we patiently wait for the dev team to give us a more formal release window.

Navigate from lava to ice in a heartbeat while trying to find the way out. Courtesy of Bumble3ee Interactive.
Navigate from lava to ice in a heartbeat while trying to find the way out. Courtesy of Bumble3ee Interactive.

WorldSplitter is a 2D² puzzle platformer, challenging you with multidimensional puzzles. You'll travel through wonderful and fantastic worlds that are beautifully animated and full of tricky challenges. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic: A combination of jump and run elements and logical thinking puzzles. Each level consist of two parallel worlds separated by the "Dimension Rift". The character can move freely through the Rift and interacts only with the visible parts of both worlds. Each one of the 60 levels included in World-Splitter will consist of two parallel dimensions. Players must manipulate dimension rifts to navigate across visible parts of the stage, save critters, and reach their exit. Obstacles like enemies, levers, mechanical platforms, portals, and gravity fields are designed to push one's logical thinking skills to the limit.

"World-Splitter will feature a ton of content at launch, including a single-player campaign lasting roughly 10 hours, 10 local two player co-op missions, settings for restricted win conditions, a medal system, and more," explains Martin Schiele, CEO at NeoBird Games. "It'll be the perfect game for puzzle enthusiasts pining for interesting mechanics and imaginative settings. The title's time-based challenges could make it a hit among speedrunners, too."

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