Cable Bodyslides His Way into Marvel Strike Force

Now that Deadpool has made his way into Marvel Strike Force, his time-travelling sometimes best friend Cable has been added to the game as well. The addition of the time-travelling psychic warrior comes right on the heels of the game's Deadpool takeover event, and means you can now use the dynamic duo in the new Legendary event and Raid.

As for what Cable brings to the game, here's the word from the official patch notes:

Introducing Cable, the relentless time-traveling commando! Cable provides a speed bar boost to his team at the beginning of the battle, granting them the edge against teams with similar characters. His special attack, Overload, is an area attack that reduces the turn meter of the primary target by 50%. This ability can also be charged by his basic attack, increasing the reach of the explosion. His Ultimate ability, Psychic Surge, is a brutal blast that also fills Cable's turn meter if you finish enemies off while using it. If Deadpool is on your team, he assists during Psychic Surge and also benefits from the turn meter fill.

The Merc With a Mouth Legendary Event is still in play. The event provides 10 new story missions featuring Deadpool and friend. You can complete the missions to earn Deadpool Orb Fragments which unlock Deadpool Orbs that you can use to recruit Deadpool to your team.

The Deadpool Raid also gifts you with Deadpool Orbs, and requires players to coordinate their alliance to take down Deadpool bosses.

The raid comes with two new difficulty settings:

  • Spicy is seasoned for level 40-50+ squads wearing Gear Tier 6+.
  • En Fuego brings the heat with a challenge for level 60 squads wearing Gear Tier 9+.

Marvel Strike Force is available now on iOS and Android devices. You can check out Cable in his sizzle reel below.

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