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Marvel Strike Force Black Order Infinity Stones
FoxNext Games have announced a special second-anniversary update is coming to Marvel Strike Force, but fans may not be too excited to see what's coming The company revealed that The Black Order is coming to game, which will add five new characters Those characters being Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, and the[...]
"Marvel Strike Force" Gets A Few New Iron Man & X-Men Characters
You can read up on all three as they are now in Marvel Strike Force. Credit: FoxNext Games Toad – Mortimer "Toad" Toynbee leaps into the game to join the Brotherhood of the Mutants His superhuman frog legs allow him to jump into battle at the blink of an eye, and his prehensile tongue can crush enemies[...]
"Marvel Strike Force" Receives A New Set Of Brawlers
FoxNext Games has a new update released today for Marvel Strike Force, bringing in a new set of brawlers for you to pair up with You'll get two familiar faces in Cyclops from the X-Men and Symbiote Spider-Man in all his Secret Wars glory But with them, you'll also be picking up Karnak and Crystal[...]
The Asgardians & Inhumans Come Together In "Marvel Strike Force"
You can read about their abilities below as they join Marvel Strike Force with the 3.7 update today. Credit: FoxNext Games Sif is the Asgardian Goddess of War, a deadly fighter, and swordswoman capable of besting the most formidable fighters Sif uses her combat prowess as the Protector for the Asgardians where she draws enemy fire with a[...]
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You can read more about their abilities below, as well as check out a trailer of them in action as they take down foes in Marvel Strike Force. Credit: FoxNext Games Mr Sinister is a powerful support for the Marauders He manipulates his large health pool to his advantage with potent heals for his allies[...]
FoxNext Games Announces "Storyscape" Launch On Mobile Today
This morning, FoxNext Games have launched their latest mobile title onto iOS and Android as you get to explore the worlds of Storyscape This is an interactive story series in which you can play one of a few different stories where your choices dictate where you go What's more, they got some familiar IP titles[...]
"Marvel Strike Force" Launches A New Halloween Update
FoxNext Games released a brand new update today into Marvel Strike Force, bringing new characters and a bit of Halloween fun to the game A couple of the characters will be getting some fun perks, but the big addition is two new characters in Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone You can read more about them[...]
Graviton & Agent Coulson Join "Marvel Strike Force"
FoxNext Games announced this week that Marvel Strike Force would be getting a new update featuring Gravitron and Agent Coulson joining the fight Along with both of their skills as a master of gravity and an agent with some backup, the game will be getting an upgrade to the A.I.M units with some new dangerous[...]
It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile is Available Now
In the game, Frank comes into a bunch of dirty money that he needs to hide from the FEDS, so he recruits The Gang to do his dirty work. credit// FoxNext Games Players jump straight into the role of money manager for a series of exploitative, get-rich-quick operations, from Kitten Mittens to Dick Towels, and additional familiar[...]
Marvel Strike Force Adds America Chavez As Part Of Pride Week
FoxNext Games have released a brand new character into Marvel Strike Force as America Chavez has been added in celebration of Pride Week The character is already available as of yesterday and can be incorporated into pretty much any team as your primary brawler Check out the details and a video of her skills in[...]
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FoxNext Games announced today that Marvel Strike Force will be getting a new X-Men patch that will bring in Colossus, Psylocke, and Dark Phoenix The patch won't be making any major changes to gameplay beyond maybe some bug fixes or anything happening in the Alliance War, the main focus will be adding in these three[...]
Pepper Potts' Rescue Joins the Marvel Strike Force Roster
Rescue's powerful and brawny armor also includes a repulsor blast and provides her with the super strength to slow and strike down any foes that cross her path. credit// FoxNext Games Additionally, Strike Force recently won the 2019 Google Play Awards'  title of Best Breakthrough Game of the Year. As of today, Marvel Strike Force players can add[...]
Marvel Strike Force Celebrates First Year Sales and Alliance War Update
FoxNext Games are celebrating a pretty good milestone for Marvel Strike Force just in time for the Alliance War update featuring Captain Marvel First off, the mobile game managed to reach $150 million in its first year, which is a pretty good success rate for an app in today's market considering it's fighting things like Fortnite[...]
Cable Bodyslides His Way into Marvel Strike Force
Now that Deadpool has made his way into Marvel Strike Force, his time-travelling sometimes best friend Cable has been added to the game as well. The addition of the time-travelling psychic warrior comes right on the heels of the game's Deadpool takeover event.