Capcom Retcons Resident Evil 4 & Ties Story To RE3: Nemesis

Capcom has done something with Resident Evil 4's canon that we're sure all fans will accept and will cause no controversy whatsoever. If you're not familiar with RE4, here are some quick basics about development. Capcom, more specifically director Shinji Mikami, wanted to create a game that was no longer tied to the events of the first three games. The gameplay, the graphics, the style choices, the storyline, the character's motivations, even the timeline have been pushed so far away from the events of where RE3 left off, you wouldn't be able to call it a sequel if not for having Leon and Wesker around, as well as the obvious branding. Even the virus in the game called Las Plagas is created outside of Umbrella Corp. with no ties to the organization on purpose. But it looks like all of that hard work may be undone, and you might have to thank the rumored RE4 remake for that.

Nemesis always seems to pop up, and now he's doing it in other games he wasn't in.
Nemesis always seems to pop up, and now he's doing it in other games he wasn't in.

A brand new interview on PlayStation Blog has caught a few people's attention in talking about Resident: Evil 3 and the lore of Nemesis. A lot of what you see in the blog in in-depth material that you can find in the game, as well as content that's been talked about in the past. However, something new has been added that wasn't there before. Here's a quote from the piece.

Umbrella Corporations' bioweapon research was split between Europe and America. The European branch handled project Nemesis, while the American branch handled T-virus research in tandem. The Nemesis project was to artificially create the Plagas parasite (first introduced in Resident Evil 4), thus giving birth to NE-α. The idea was to find an appropriate live host that could contain NE-α, which in turn would physically change and transform its host into a bioweapon.

Not much to get confused about there. The devs basically just tied Las Plagas to the Umbrella Corporation. The first time ever, undoing everything the original RE4 team set out to do. But why tie it in? As we've noted here before, along with other websites, the RE3 remake that came out in March took more than a few liberties with the game. While the core story is still there, there's a lot of added material that completely changes it from the original, hence the "remake" part. If the rumors of an RE4 remake are true, then it seems part of this new remake is to tie both stories together and keep the theme of Umbrella being the cause of everyone's woes intact. Most likely to not confuse new players. How do you feel about this change to the game's lore? Not a big deal or an unnecessary change?

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