Casey Hudson is Proud of Anthem on Launch Day

Casey Hudson is Proud of Anthem on Launch Day

Things have not been going so well for BioWare's new game Anthem throughout its early access phase, but the full launch is here today along with a hefty Day One patch. Which makes it an odd occasion for anyone to announce that they're proud of the development team's work on the game so far. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect.

As part of the press release put out by EA today to announce Anthem's full launch, Casey Hudson offered the following statement:

"I feel remarkably similar to when we launched the original Mass Effect trilogy," said Casey Hudson, General Manager of BioWare. "I'm excited, anxious and incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished. I sincerely hope our players enjoy what we have created, and I look forward to the countless stories we'll tell in the world of Anthem in the weeks and months to come."

Hudson is the General Manager of Anthem's development studio BioWare. We can't blame him for being proud of his team, but it might not have been the best quote to use while trying to spin the game's launch into something it absolutely isn't.

That many players couldn't access the game this morning really doesn't help things. The connection issues and eternal load screens that plagued the game's Early Access launch were back in force this morning, despite the efforts of BioWare's Day One fixes for both of those things.

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