Comics Creators Celebrate Pokémon: Writer Raven Gregory

In honor of Pokémon's 25th Anniversary this year, Bleeding Cool is talking to comics creators (and perhaps some great creators outside of the industry) about the role that Pokémon has had on their lives. From the original games, to the cards, to Pokémon GO, we're excited to share stories of how this incredible world has changed our own. This time, we're talking to Raven Gregory, writer of Wonderland, Fly, The Gift, Irresistible, The Waking, and much more.

Raven Gregory and Squirtle. Credit: Raven & the Pokémon Company International
Raven Gregory and Squirtle. Credit: Raven & the Pokémon Company International

Gregory: I've had an on and off-again relationship with Pokémon GO since it debuted. I grew tired of the tedious repetition at the beginning of the game after a year or so but once they added in missions, trades, and raids they pulled me back in. Outside of that, back in Nam and growing up in the projects of North Phoenix, the only thing that gave me comfort in those dark days was Ash "Michael Vick" Ketchum and Pika battling to be the very best of the animated version of a cock fight.

Do you have any stories about your experiences with the franchise?

Gregory: I named my dog Gizmo and, while that's not a Pokémon, it's a Mogwai which is pretty much a Pokémon waiting to happen. I'm also extremely adept at using Pokémon GO in the ways of seduction. Like, hey baby, I got a couple unique shinies. Love me now!

What does Pokémon mean to you?

Gregory: That even in Japan someone was smoking a whole lot of weed to come up with this shit.

If you were a gym trainer, what Type would you specify in?

Gregory: Team Valor? Gym trainer? Type I'd specify in? This is getting way too Magic the Gathering for me. I'm still a rookie in this shit. I actually have to Google what shit is weak against what every time something starts kicking my ass.

Of course, I have to ask: Favorite Pokémon?

Gregory: I love all my Pokémon equally…


What do you as a Pokémon fan hope to see in 2021 for the franchise's 25th anniversary?

Give me my damn final form evolution of Eevee!

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