Could Rare Be Teasing Something Perfect Dark Related For This Summer?

Rare might well be teasing something Perfect Dark related on Twitter hinting that we might hear something this summer about the franchise.

Perfect Dark

There have been murmurs of a new Perfect Dark for a little while now. Reports hit in January that Microsoft might be doing something with the long-dormant franchise, but as with any bit of leaked information on the internet, it's easy to be sceptical. Rare has obviously been hard at work on Sea of Thieves for years and will likely continue to be so as they support the game post-launch. Also, some of the rumours were that The Coalition would be taking reigns over the project.

However, Rare itself has seemingly thrown a little fuel on this smouldering fire. The developer hinted something might be on the way later this summer in a conversation with a user on Twitter, who found old Perfect Dark swim trunks. They said:

While that could just be the developer celebrating Perfect Dark themed summer-wear, they did respond to a fan mentioning E3 which might lend credence to an announcement of a new game, saying:

Now, let's hold our horses here a little bit. This could just be reading too much into the comments. This could be a social media manager celebrating that there are Perfect Dark swimming trunks in the world, which let's be honest, is worth celebrating. However, pair this with the second tweet, as well as the reports and murmurs flying around in recent months about a new game on the horizon, and we certainly have something here to at least 'umm and ahh' over. It would be pretty cool to see. It would also just be neat to see the franchise back, be that with a new game or no. Here's hoping.