A Cut Bloodborne Boss Has Been Found and Defeated in Latest Datamine

A whole new boss has been found buried in the files of Bloodborne, and more than that, players have beaten it already.

Credit// FromSoftware

Bloodborne has had a lot of activity recently. After finding an enemy in the game many thought had been cut, it has seemingly opened the floodgates for more and more to be found. This one might be the most impressive find yet, though. Instead of just an enemy you'd find outside an encounter, you can see this is a whole boss fight that was seemingly cut. Found by Sanadsk, you can see his character take on one hellish-looking dog. Take a look:

While the boss fight was seemingly pretty easy, suggesting stuff like attacks and tuning are missing, from an art point of view, this big ol' guy looks done. He's looks rad as hell, too. It's a shame he never made the cut for whatever reason.

Source: VG247