Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter Live, Exceeds Goal Nearly $1M Already

Prepare yourself, adventurers, for the Darkest Dungeon tabletop game has made its way to Kickstarter and is live now. This game is exclusive only to Kickstarter—no retailer will be carrying it. Published by Mythic Games, Darkest Dungeon's tabletop iteration is an adaptation of Red Hook Studios' indie role-playing dungeon crawler.

A header advert for the Darkest Dungeon tabletop board game by Mythic Games, on Kickstarter now.
A header advert for the Darkest Dungeon tabletop board game by Mythic Games, on Kickstarter now.

What's more, with fifteen days still to go for this campaign which began yesterday, and perhaps reasonably so, the Kickstarter campaign for this game has already exceeded the initial funding goal of $300,000 by nearly one million dollars more. Whether this is a testament to the strengths of the video game's impact on players or a testament to the concept of "FOMO" (also known as the "fear of missing out"), the numbers don't lie—and this game will be big.

Darkest Dungeon is a critically acclaimed video game developed by Red Hook Studios and released in January 2016. After having sold more that 4 million copies of the base game and over 8 million copies including DLCs, the time has come for Darkest Dungeon to move from the screens to your table.

Darkest Dungeon's gameplay, at least in the video game's iteration, revolves around gameplay that is harsh, often unforgiving to the players' party, and deeply satisfying to behold. Madness is a major factor in the game, and it is confirmed that this will be true for the tabletop game as well. The tabletop game will be played, campaign-style, over the course of eleven missions. There are RPG-style customizations as players' characters level up, as well as a system of afflictions that your characters may face, such as stress, paranoia, and irrationality, among others.

Most importantly, perhaps, the game boasts high replayability. If this is true, then we certainly cannot wait to see what the Darkest Dungeon tabletop game has in store for us! Are you excited about this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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