Darksiders 3 Gets a Brand New Trailer Showing Fury Messing Up a Bunch of Monsters

THQ Nordic has revealed a new trailer for Darksiders 3, showing off several of the monstrous enemies you will be pitted against.

Darksiders III

Things are so crowded in video games right now, it's not hard to forget that we are due a revival of Darksiders this year. I'm quite looking forward to it as well. I had a real soft spot for Darksiders 2, a great mix of hack and slash combat with dungeon-like puzzle solving. Add on top of that a really strong sense of art direction and style, and you had a really neat series.

Well, if you've not been keeping up with Darksiders 3's, you can get a good look at it in this new trailer. THQ Nordic put out a look at the game which focuses a lot on protagonist Fury just smashing all sorts of beasts and nasties. It looks pretty clean, if not a little more methodical than previous entries in the series. There is certainly a lot more dodging going on with it looking a little more Dark Souls than Devil May Cry. Take a look for yourself here:

It really isn't too long until we are going to see what THQ has done with the revival. I'm really rooting for it as I would like to see the series, which was underappreciated even at its height, have another heyday. It has a lot of competition in the latter half of the year, but here's hoping Darksiders 3 finds it's own little niche when it lands Novemeber 27, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.