DarkZero Esports Signs A New Deal With Respawn

DarkZero Esports announced this week that they have signed a one-year deal with gaming furniture provider Respawn. The finer details of the deal were not discussed, but what we do know about the agreement is that Respawn will be going through the team's 8,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas and will be decking the place out with a ton of furniture and gear. So the minute you walk in, you know exactly who one of their sponsors is. Ont the flip-side of that, the team will be coordinating with the company to create new collaborative content over the course of their one-year deal, which will include helping them unveil new products and Ultimate Gamer giveaways. It's not the biggest deal either company has made, but is certainly a win-win for both of them. We have a couple of quotes below about the deal from the announcement.

DarkZero and Respawn, together for at least a year.
DarkZero and Respawn, together for at least a year.

"We at Respawn Products are excited to be working alongside one of the premier organizations in Rainbow Six Siege, DarkZero Esports. Tommy and the team at DarkZero have the drive and passion to continue to grow their brand exponentially, and that is something that aligns with our goals as well at team Respawn. As of today, Respawn Products is #GoingDark" said Respawn Partnership Manager James Deasey.

"We couldn't be more excited to be partnering with the battle tested ergonomic gaming furniture brand of the future, Respawn Products. It's important for us at DarkZero to provide our athletes with top of the line equipment to perform at their best and through partnering with Respawn we are making good on that promise. We are also excited to provide value to and engage with our fans through product giveaways and sweepstakes. Looking forward to growing with our founding partners!" added Tommy Padula, Head of Partnerships at DarkZero

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