DC Universe Online Set To Launch World Of Flashpoint Chapter

Dimensional Ink is finally haded to one of the biggest storylines in DC Comics for DC Universe Online with World Of Flashpoint. The next chapter expansion to the game will follow the story of the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne), along with Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and more characters who are fighting each other in a falling world. Atlantis and Themyscira are at war, Batman is super violent with a darker edge, and the Flashpoint Gotham City is riddled with crime and its own issues when an unexpected speedster comes to visit. The chapter will launch for free on April 15th and will include all of these new characters, along with the addition of new villainous gear based on Heat Wave, a brand new boss, and the appearance of Doomsday (because, of course, why not just throw him into the mix). You can read more from the announcement made on the PlayStation Blog below.

Prepare to experience the Flashpoint of DC Universe Online, courtesy of Dimensional Ink.
Prepare to experience the Flashpoint of DC Universe Online, courtesy of Dimensional Ink.

Unlike other episodes, World of Flashpoint is free to everyone, permanently. Play with your friends without barriers. The episode also has event-level versions of the content that every player level 15+ can participate in. You don't need to be end-game, elite, or a master to jump into World of Flashpoint. If you're looking to get started or get ready for the episode, most players can reach level 15 in a weekend.  World of Flashpoint is inspired by the events of DC's Flashpoint storyline. However, this episode represents only a small slice of that entire epic. Your Super Hero or Super-Villain will experience the realities of this timeline and witness some of the most essential moments and challenges while striving to set things right. Want to know more? We drew inspiration from the below DC comics, and highly recommend them all as you prepare for launch on April 15.

  • Flashpoint #1 – #5
  • Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #1 – #3
  • Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 – #3

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