Dead Cells Is Getting A Surprise Update In December

Motion Twin surprised people over the weekend by revealing that there's a new update coming to Dead Cells next month. The last major update we've seen for the game came back in August, and once it took place the developers kind of went quiet for a bit. For those of us who have enjoyed the game, we kind of assumed that might be it for a while and that we might not see anything until 2021, especially with COVID-19 putting a lot of things on hold or stretching them out in gaming across the board. Then, out of the blue, the devs released a new post on the game's Steam page, letting everyone know that there's a new update coming in December with a ton of new content and that there's more coming down the road. We have a snippet from the post below covering all of the content plans, but no release date has been revealed.

A new December update is on the way for Dead Cells, and more down the road. Courtesy of Motion Twin.
A new December update is on the way for Dead Cells, and more down the road. Courtesy of Motion Twin.

Sorry for the few months of silence, we've been extremely busy blooding several new team members, plus going through a second lockdown, so we haven't had much of a chance to say anything until now. There's still not a huge amount to update you on, but with just over a month to go until Christmas, we're nearly done preparing a new update full of little stocking fillers to keep you entertained for a bit longer, including:

  • New weapon
  • New mob
  • Lore room
  • New skins
  • New diet option
  • A few other changes that we're still testing so we can't confirm them yet…

That should be landing in mid-December and we'll let you know when it's arrived, as per usual. You can expect a few more pieces of bigger news dropping over the next couple of months too.

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