Despot's Game Will Leave Early Access In Q3 2022

Publisher tinyBuild Games revealed this week that Despot's Game will finally leave Early Access sometime this coming Fall. Developer Konfa Games released the roguelike tactical auto-battler back in October, giving players a chance to become commanders and build their own squad of puny humans into a legion. Comprised of many different classes from wizards to ninjas to bakers to many more choices as you will lead them through a strange post-apocalyptic labyrinth. The game has been getting some nice praise, but we've only seen a piece of it so far. The final 1.0 version doesn't have a set release date yet, all we know for now is that it will be out on Steam ad well as all three major consoles sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer.

Promo art for Despot's Game, courtesy of tinyBuild Games.
Promo art for Despot's Game, courtesy of tinyBuild Games.

Terrorizing the naked and memory-less humans as they try to escape an endless maze-like complex has never been so fun. Equip the unarmed masses with one of 50 weapons ranging from conventional swords and guns to ridiculous apparatuses like stale pretzels throwers, magical rabbits-in-a-hat, and damage-soaking refrigerators. Make use of 10 human classes including throwers, mages, and cultists, building up their ranks and diversifying armaments to unlock power-ups that aid in battles.

Keep the ranks well-fed and deploy them strategically for a better chance at survival. While mages and shooters provide support with long-range attacks, fighters sporting Rocky's iconic boxing gloves and tanks with protective periodic tables should take the front lines for hands-on combat and protection. Stack mutations to strengthen forces, like invoking "Glory to Satan" to sacrifice a newcomer and summon an eldritch tentacle that deals massive damage to foes. Smash through 60 types of monsters with destructive abilities to survive these chaotic killing games. From man-eating cabbages and killer robots to necromancers joined by vicious giant skeletons ready to drop humans into black portals, many perils await.

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