Destiny 2 Brings Back the Bannerfall Map for Season 3's First Iron Banner

Today marks the return of the Iron Banner event to Destiny 2 for the game's third season, and it looks like fan-favorite Taken King Crucible map Bannerfall is being brought back for this month's event. The news comes by way of a tweet from the official Destiny account, which shows two guardians hanging around in some spiffy new Iron Banner armor in some familiar ruins.

Bannerfall is one of the many maps added to the Crucible as part of Destiny's The Taken King expansion, and is set in an empty tower of The Last City, which is a location not unlike the Tower. Much like the Tower, Bannerfall includes a lot of smooth metal, concrete, and tiny garden spaces. Players have tons of small narrow buildings to use as hiding spaces, or they can duke it out in the massive courtyards in between. The Destiny 2 version of the map will come with some more damage, to account for the war with the Red Legion as depicted in the main campaign.

The new map will be playable during the Iron Banner, though its uncertain if the map will stick around once the PvP action finishes.

This month's event also comes with a few changes, unlike previous Destiny 2 Iron Banners, this time the game mode offers six-vs-six multiplayer on Control. This setup is a clear attempt by Bungie to try and recapture what fans loved about the event in the original game. However, looks alone will not be enough. Fans have many, many reasons to dislike the changes Bungie has made with Destiny 2 so far, which might be more than a 6v6 Iron Banner on a beloved map can fix.

Destiny 2 Brings Back the Bannerfall Map for Season 3's First Iron Banner

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