Destiny's "Age Of Triumph" Might Take Us Back To Old Raids


Destiny has had four major content expansions since it's release, with The Taken King and Rise of Iron being the latest two, and there have been several raids introduced in those expansions. Vault of Glass, Crota's End, King's Fall, and Wrath of the Machine are all 6-person raids that can take hours to complete depending on the skill of your fireteam. Destiny does not provide matchmaking for these raids, so you've got to find the players yourself. This is done because the raids require a large amount of communication between players – what to hit and when in order to coordinate teams in several different locations. Each group may have their own specific way of handling a raid.

Because of this, Destiny's raids are something of a cumbersome beast. But that is why many love them. I've known friends who have never run the raids, or have done so rarely because they don't have groups of players to call on. As Destiny doesn't have any social features like are common in MMOs, it makes playing the raids something of a selection process.

The problem with the raids, even when you have six people to run them, is that there is no way to scale characters back enough so that taking on older raids is particularly fun unless they try and run them with smaller teams. I've definitely had nights where we've taken down Crota with four players – and this was back with in Taken King days where your light score was mostly about 320-300. It was still a challenge, but nothing like trying to tackle King's Fall.


The latest Age of Triumph news comes in the form of an official teaser video that includes some voiceover by the Speaker congratulating you for being such a wonderful guardian and then teases the logos for the previous raids – Crota's End, Vault of Glass, and King's Fall.

If Age of Triumph includes a way to make those older raids more interesting – scaled difficulty and better drops – it might actually be a way to make Destiny far more interesting. The problem I've always seen with Destiny is that there is no reason to replay older content outside of grinding out levels, even though you often have to for the sake of daily bonuses. There isn't much fun in replaying Destiny content whereas many other games have managed to work on scaling their content in a way that makes the grinding somewhat more fun.

I'd also love to see increased social features in the game, but that's pretty much a longshot. In any case, we've got this awesome teaser for you. Check it out below:

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