Devolver Digital Releases Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows

Devolver Digital had a bit of a surprise for Apple Arcade fans today as Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows debuted on the platform. The game was developed by Silly Studio and is basically it's own little slice of Westeros as you get a very engrossing depiction of the Night's Watch's story. Which, up until now, has only really partially been told. You'll hear incredible tales of what goes on out in the wilds and witness the events that will unfold beyond the wall. You'll get to experience life at Castle Black while dealing with the constant threat over the wall. You can check out the game now on Apple Arcade, and you can watch a trailer for it below.

Defend the wall at all costs in this new Game Of Thrones title, courtesy of Devolver Digital.
Defend the wall at all costs in this new Game Of Thrones title, courtesy of Devolver Digital.
A narrative-driven, real-time idle game, Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows extends beyond the HBO series and explores the 8,000 year history of the Night's Watch and its unending vigil atop the Wall, the colossal fortification that separates the Seven Kingdoms from the threats beyond. Players will etch their own tales into the annals of Lord Commanders and their sworn brothers over centuries as they shore up stocks, defenses, and recruits at Castle Black as well as send ranging parties out to navigate the wild North, riding into the lands beyond the Wall unsure of what awaits them.
But beware, for every expedition leaves a mark on its rangers, and it always follows them back to the Wall. Defend the Seven Kingdoms and those that reside there to the soaring score of the HBO series. Become the shield that guards the realms of men, the sword in the darkness and the enduring sentry upon the Wall. Night gathers, and now your watch begins.

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