Dragon Ball Super Card Game Posts Cross Spirits Fan Survey

The latest set of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game hit shelves this past Friday for its wide release. This new expansion, Cross Spirits, is the fifth set in the ongoing Unison Warrior block and the first set with the subtitle Unison Warrior Series BOOST, which references a new playing mechanic available in the card for competitive collectors. The set began to make waves last weekend with pre-release events and has now become fully available to the public with booster boxes (containing 24 packs), Premium Packs (containing four packs and two copies of a promo card), and loose packs from booster boxes. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game community begins to react to this set, posting opening videos and deck-building content on social media, Bandai is looking toward the future with a quiz for their fanbase.

Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

On their official Facebook page, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game wrote:

[UW5 -Cross Spirits- Release and Questionnaire] Hello DBSCG fans! -Cross Spirits- is in stores today! We hope you enjoyed pre-release and are ready for the full release of this set! If you've purchased this product, please fill out the following Questionnaire. We are listening to your feedback!

Special Anniversary Box 2021 card reveals start tomorrow and will be every day until August 26. We have some special unboxing videos for you along the way! Have a Super weekend with -Cross Spirits-! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team

The questionnaire, which you can see here, asks some interesting questions. They ask if fans are interested in Campaign Rares, which we know from our coverage on the first set slated for 2022 are returning. In what shape or form, though, we do not yet know.

This isn't the first time that Bandai worked on Dragon Ball Super Card Game with the fanbase. Notably, the lead-up to Cross Spirits saw the company begin a series called SCR Showdown. They hosted livestreams where two content creators known for their role in the competitive aspect of the DBSCG competed in a game. The winner claimed the right to reveal one of the set's Secret Rares, culminating with Johku DMD's reveal of the fan-favorite SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion SCR.

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