Dragon Ball Super Card Game: World Martial Arts Tournament Checklist

Since I've begun collecting Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards, I haven't been able to find a simple checklist for each set… so I figured Bleeding Cool would be the exact right place to host one now that we're covering this exciting hobby. Here is the complete checklist for Dragon Ball Super Card Game: World Martial Arts Tournament.

World Martial Arts Tournament graphic. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
World Martial Arts Tournament graphic. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: World Martial Arts Tournament is the second-themed expansion, is designated the code TB2, and includes cards numbered up to TB2-069. Keep in mind that SPRs (Special Rares) will have the same numbering as Super Rare cards in Dragon Ball Super Card Game but feature different, rarer artwork.

  • Hercule // Bundle of Confidence Hercule Uncommon TB2-001
  • Supreme Showdown Son Goku Super Rare TB2-002
  • Supreme Showdown Son Goku (SPR) Special Rare TB2-002
  • Heroic Duo Son Gohan Common TB2-003
  • Tiny Rivals Son Goten Uncommon TB2-004
  • Supreme Showdown Vegeta Super Rare TB2-005
  • Supreme Showdown Vegeta (SPR) Special Rare TB2-005
  • Vegeta, Power Misused Common TB2-006
  • Tiny Rivals Trunks Uncommon TB2-007
  • Mighty Mask, Powers Combined Common TB2-008
  • Secret Treaty Android 18 Rare TB2-009
  • Secret Treaty Hercule Rare TB2-010
  • Heroic Duo Videl Common TB2-011
  • Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai Uncommon TB2-012
  • Dark Duo Babidi Common TB2-013
  • Dark Duo Dabura Common TB2-014
  • Tainted Power, Spopovich & Yamu Common TB2-015
  • Pui Pui, Magician's Lackey Common TB2-016
  • Razor's Edge Yakon Common TB2-017
  • Babidi's Spaceship Common TB2-018
  • Uub // Uub, Unknowing Power Uncommon TB2-019
  • Test of Strength Son Goku Rare TB2-020
  • Top of His Game Son Gohan Common TB2-021
  • Scuffle Time Son Goten Common TB2-022
  • Pan, Proudest Daughter Super Rare TB2-023
  • Pan, Proudest Daughter (SPR) Special Rare TB2-023
  • Awakening Talent Pan Rare TB2-024
  • Begrudging Respect Vegeta Uncommon TB2-025
  • Awkward Situation Trunks Common TB2-026
  • Begrudging Respect Piccolo Uncommon TB2-027
  • Scuffle Time Mr. Buu Common TB2-028
  • Hercule, Proudest Grandpa Super Rare TB2-029
  • Hercule, Proudest Grandpa (SPR) Special Rare TB2-029
  • Test of Strength Uub Rare TB2-030
  • Wild Tiger, the Imposing Common TB2-031
  • Awkward Situation Otokosuki Common TB2-032
  • Shocking Latent Ability Uncommon TB2-033
  • Son Goku // Stopping Power Son Goku Uncommon TB2-034
  • Fateful Reunion Son Goku Rare TB2-035
  • Trading Blows Son Goku Common TB2-036
  • Fateful Reunion Chi-Chi Rare TB2-037
  • Martial Daughter Chi-Chi Common TB2-038
  • Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr. Super Rare TB2-039
  • Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr. (SPR) Special Rare TB2-039
  • Speed Attack Piccolo Jr. Common TB2-040
  • Double Impact Krillin Rare TB2-041
  • Honed Moves Yamcha Uncommon TB2-042
  • Tien Shinhan, Trading Moves Uncommon TB2-043
  • Best Buddy Chiaotzu Common TB2-044
  • Destined Conclusion Hero Super Rare TB2-045
  • Destined Conclusion Hero (SPR) Special Rare TB2-045
  • Trusting Relationship Kami Common TB2-046
  • Trusting Relationship Popo Common TB2-047
  • Mercenary Tao, Trading Moves Uncommon TB2-048
  • Feet Kamehameha Common TB2-049
  • Jackie Chun // Jackie Chun, the Mysterious Fighter Uncommon TB2-050
  • Unyielding Victory Son Goku Super Rare TB2-051
  • Unyielding Victory Son Goku (SPR) Special Rare TB2-051
  • Future Martial Artist Son Goku Common TB2-052
  • Toughened Up Krillin Common TB2-053
  • Unending Moves Yamcha Rare TB2-054
  • Unending Moves Tien Shinhan Rare TB2-055
  • Toughened Up Chiaotzu Common TB2-056
  • Master Roshi, Martial Meister Uncommon TB2-057
  • Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun Super Rare TB2-058
  • Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun (SPR) Special Rare TB2-058
  • Doublechop Nam Rare TB2-059
  • Ginormous Strength Giran Common TB2-060
  • Stenchful Bacterian Uncommon TB2-061
  • Risque Ranfan Common TB2-062
  • Master Shen, Martial Meister Uncommon TB2-063
  • I'm the World Champion! Common TB2-064
  • Announcer // Announcer, Referee Veteran Uncommon TB2-065
  • Announcer, Ever-Curious Common TB2-066
  • Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro Uncommon TB2-067
  • World Tournament Arena Rare TB2-068
  • Son Goku & Uub, Seeds of the Future Secret Rare TB2-069

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