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Dragon Ball Super Reveals Wild Resurgence: Uub Z-Awaken

Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals the result of the Uub and Mr. Buu fusion with this new Z-Awaken card from Wild Resurgence.

Bandai has begun to roll out details for the next Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. Early promotional materials suggested that this set was themed to "Resurgence" with the word used as a proper noun. During that time, we were going with the strong hint that the set would be called Zenkai Series – Resurgence. However, it has since been confirmed that the set would actually be officially titled Zenkai Series – Wild Resurgence. This is the fourth expansion of Zenkai Series and is overall the 21st main series Dragon Ball Super Card Game set. So far, we can confirm that the set will include a God Rare for the first time since the Bardock GDR from September 2022's Dawn of the Z-Legends. We can also confirm some of the set's focuses as the Golden Frieza Saga from Dragon Ball Super, the first Z-era movie Dead Zone which featured Garlic Jr., and The Cell Games. Today, we reveal more Uub-focused cards from from Zenkai Series – Wild Resurgence.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards. Credit: Bandai

Yesterday, we revealed the Blue-colored Leader from Dragon Ball Super: Wild Resurgence, which featured Uub and Mr. Buu. Now, we have a Z-Awaken card that can be played on top of that: Uub, Fusion of Two Spirits. This form is sometimes called Majuub and is the result of a fusion between Mr. Buu or Good Buu and Uub. This is a permanent fusion in GT. The other card previewed today is another Uub-focused card. This Zenkai Card is called Uub, Holder of the Majin Power, and further shows Bandai moving away from the forced perspective 3D art for these cards, which has been an ugly staple of the Zenkai Series era.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more Dragon Ball Super Card Game previews from Wild Resurgence, the next installment of the Zenkai Series. Stay tuned for more as well as other reveals from upcoming DBSCG products. Read more about this collectible hobby on Bleeding Cool here.

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