Dreamscape Media Reveals Dungeons & Dragons Interactive Audiobooks

Dungeons & Dragons is about to get more digital as Dreamscape Media has revealed a new series of interactive audiobooks. Six books from the Endless Quest series, which recently re-introduced D&D to the world of choose-your-own-adventure novels, have been adapted by Dreamscape in an audio format. They were recorded in the second-person, point of view of the listener to throw them directly into the adventure to make the choices ahead of them. The six original recordings in the collection offer different choices of characters, as you will be given multiple paths and ways to develop the story depending on the listener's chosen path. All six titles in the Endless Quest series have been included, which are: Escape the UnderdarkTo Catch a ThiefBig TroubleInto the JungleEscape from Castle Ravenloft, and The Mad Mage's Academy.

To Catch A Thief is a part of the Endless Quest series, courtesy of Dreamscape Media.
To Catch A Thief is a part of the Endless Quest series, courtesy of Dreamscape Media.

We have a couple of quotes here about the release of this new series of books, which are now available on Hoopla Digital, Amazon, Apple iBooks, Audible, Google Play, and everywhere else audiobooks are sold.

"The Endless Quest audiobooks create a pathway for boundless creativity and collaborative storytelling, by putting fate into the hands of the listener," said Cat Zappa, Executive Director of Content and Strategy, Dreamscape Media "We are proud to introduce a new medium for fans to experience, and connect with, their favorite character-driven Endless Quest stories."

"Audiobooks create an escape from our busy lifestyles; and they can also build a shared listening experience," said Matt Forbeck, author of the Dungeons & Dragons: Endless Quest series. "With the Endless Quest audiobooks, Dreamscape Media is opening new ways for fans of all ages to engage with the series. I'm excited to listen with my kids."

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