EA Play Announced – and It's Bringing the Next Battlefield and Anthem with It

EA has announced its plans for EA Play, the event held alongside of E3. It was said that both the new Battlefield and Anthem will be there in some capacity.

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Is it E3 time already? It seems to come around quicker and quicker each year. EA has been running EA Play for two years now. The event, which happens around E3 but is distinctly not part of it, always shows off the publisher's wares and opens a space to the public to take a look at their upcoming games after their big press conference.

Well, right on cue, the show has unsurprisingly been announced again for this year, and the company are bringing their big guns, Battlefield and Anthem. It wasn't said exactly in what capacity the games would be there in, but it promises a Battlefield 'experience' and 'inside look' at Anthem. The terminology suggests that Anthem may not be playable, but as of right now, it's not clear. The show will run from June 9th to 11th at the Hollywood Palladium, and EA has made a commitment to have a better ticketing system allowing more members of the public in to see.

It's still a few months off yet, but it is always exciting to start thinking about what's coming up at E3. Now we have some dates and events starting to fill the calendar, there's plenty to be excited about. EA could really use a great show here, so let's hope they bring everything they can to put on just that.

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