EA Sports Details Madden NFL 21's Day One Patch

EA Sports released details this week for the recent patch they added this week, as well as the Day One patch for Madden NFL 21. The primary fix to the patch fixes an issue in The Yard where players just suddenly vanished, along with some stability fixes that make sure you stop running into crashes and desync issues. As for the Day One patch, it will be fixing a few issues the devs have come across since the preview came up and the game was finalized, which includes the patch where they remove the word "Redskins" from the Washington team until the team releases imagery and name info for the new branding. We thought the team would have done that by now with the season approaching, but much like changing the name, Washington seems to be taking their jolly time. You can read the full update notes below.

The most recent patch for Madden NFL 21 brings an update to The Yard, courtesy of EA Sports.
The most recent patch for Madden NFL 21 brings an update to The Yard, courtesy of EA Sports.

8/25 Update (now live) 

  • The Yard disappearing players issue fixed

  • The word "together" is correct on the Drive Change helmet

  • Stability Fixes (Crashes/Desyncs)

  • Fixed Seahawks spelling mistake

  • Initial Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) menu patch

Launch Update (coming 8/28) 

  • Face of the Franchise

    • Resolved an issue in Face of the Franchise Legacy where the Player Archetype players chosen in certain sequences did not follow them into the NFL

    • A number of soft-locks were fixed that were impacting players

    • Fixed an issue where the user's avatar skin tone wasn't always carrying over into NFL cinematics

    • Resolved an issue where there was no season game in one of the storylines

    • Fixed a visual bug where the coach's head wasn't loading during cinematic storyline sequences

  • Madden Ultimate Team

    • Fixed an issue where users were experiencing long load-times when entering or leaving sub-menus in MUT

  • Superstar KO

    • Replaced a placeholder model for a coach in Superstar KO: Backyard Heroes

  • Content Updates

    • Buffalo Bills stadium has "New Era" removed as this name is changing in real life

    • Removing last remnants of Washington Redskins branding including uniforms, team select, and environments.

    • Addressed an issue with see-through uniform geometry.

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