El Gato Launches The Stream Deck 5.0 Software Today

For those of you using the El Gato Stream Deck in whatever incarnation, we got good news! The 5.0 update is now live for all of them. People who are using it for their livestreaming setup and other broadcast-related purposes will be happy to see some of the new features included this time around. Which includes the Stream Deck Store, an online distribution platform for plugins, icon packs, tutorial videos, and pro tips, and an entire library of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects with thousands of choices. Which at this point is becoming a must-have for people on Twitch and Youtube with all the ugly DMCA things happening. The update is totally free as we have the details from the team below.

A look at the 5.0 update, courtesy of El Gato.
A look at the 5.0 update, courtesy of El Gato.

Discover: See What's New in the World of Stream Deck
Stream Deck is constantly evolving and creators are constantly finding new ways to use Stream Deck. In the Discover section, creators can keep up-to-date with the latest plugins and updates, watch tutorials and interviews, and find inspiration to explore even more uses for Stream Deck.

Plugins: Integrate Apps and Tools with Stream Deck
From broadcasting and editing to designing, developing, networking, and studio automation, Stream Deck plugins make virtually any computer-based workflow more fluid and intuitive. Creators currently have access to over 100 plugins, all of which are easy to browse and install thanks to the Plugins section in the Stream Deck Store. New plugins are regularly added by Elgato and partners, while independent developers equipped with the freely available Stream Deck SDK are also able to create and add plugins to the store.

Icons: Beautiful Designs for Stream Deck Keys
Key icons allow creators to easily identify actions and receive visual confirmation that a command has been executed. Icons also enable personalization of Stream Deck's appearance, and now, creators can easily download a vast selection of beautiful, ready-to-use icon packs produced by graphic design pros such as Visuals By Impulse. As before, creators can also custom-design their own unique icons.

Music: Thousands of Royalty-Free Tracks
Stream Deck users can easily add high-quality music to a stream introduction or intermission with absolute peace of mind. From hip-hop and dance to chill and instrumentals, thousands of tracks across all popular genres can be incorporated into Twitch and YouTube content without infringing copyrights.

Sound Effects: Thousands of Royalty-Free Samples
Stream Deck is ideal for triggering sound effects. From vinyl scratches and creaking doors to applause and air horns, the Sound Effects section contains samples for almost any event, theme, or topic. Like music, all sound effects in the Stream Deck Store eliminate the risk of DMCA flags and copyright strikes. Stream Deck control interfaces are available in six-key, fifteen-key, and thirty-two-key variations, as well as a mobile app with fifteen virtual keys. All work with Stream Deck 5.0, making professional audiovisual production accessible to all current and future Stream Deck owners.

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