Eldest Souls Game Soundtrack Debut, An Epic Score For Epic Battles

Eldest Souls features several epic and dramatic moments (as a game that is comprised of boss fights is bound to do), but none more dramatic or grand than the soundtrack that underscores the game. Released today on all PS4/5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Eldest Souls is the debut IP challenge-based pixel-art boss-rush game from indie creators United label and Fallen Flag Studios. With a soundtrack by composer Sergio Ronchetti, the fantasy score infuses dark drama with an aggressive, modern, orchestral sound.

Eldest Souls
Credit: United Label

The game soundtrack is incredibly cinematic, with the main theme and overall tones having an ethereal quality featuring traditional choirs and building suspenseful strings. Each track is grander than the last, with the tone of the score not only matching the gameplay action, but also perfectly underscoring the story and narrative of the game.

Ronchetti draws on his experience as the bassist of a metal band while fusing that with a more traditional classical structure from his time in music school to create a unique percussion and bass-driven score. The heaviness of his instrumentation doesn't take over, however; he balances it out with a floaty, god-like chorus and driving strings on the melody. With the mix frequently focused more on the bass, but the melody still prominent, the Eldest Souls soundtrack has a grand, huge quality that feels like it would be more at home in an ancient cathedral or underscoring an epic Medieval battle.

Explaining his approach to scoring the game, Ronchetti said, "Eldest Souls has two very distinct messages that needed conveying: the brutal, fast-paced combat and the ideas of loneliness and hope. The former was represented by each boss fight's theme, matching personality and attitude. But since the gameplay music is limited to these combat encounters, I wanted to write a piece of music to tie the soundtrack together and give the perspective of mankind and our protagonist."

Ronchetti created the Eldest Souls "Main Theme" track to counterbalance his more aggressive boss encounter tracks: "The 'Main Theme' stands out from all the rest. I love post-minimalism ideals in music and I was very happy to be able to achieve this with live vocals and cello, which made all the difference. The repeating vocal melody serves as mankind's unfaltering, yet desperate pursuit of victory, in the face of destruction."

The game's story features a captivating mystery surrounding the Old Gods, a vengeful band of deities who have unleashed a terrible Desolation upon the world, turning farmlands to desert, and rivers to dust. Players must guide their warrior through a vast Citadel in search of these embittered beings while engaging with intriguing NPCs, compelling questlines and a series of ominous mysteries that hint at why the Old Gods have been imprisoned so long.

Eldest Souls soundtrack drops July 30 through Lakeshore Records and the game itself is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. More information about Eldest Souls can be found on the official website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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