Final Fantasy XI Gets A New Update For The Voracious Resurgence

Square Enix has released a new update this morning for Final Fantasy XI, as players get the next chapter in The Voracious Resurgence. The content for this next chapter will have you setting out on a journey to San d'Oria, which is where Prince Trion will take part in the royal ball for all to see. However, this doesn't mean all is well as things are still unsafe within the kingdom. San d'Oria finds itself threatened by fiends from the north which you'll need to take care of. We got some of the details as well as a few events incorporated in this update, which you can read below.

Good kitty, nice kitty, don't kill me kitty! Courtesy of Square Enix.
Good kitty, nice kitty, don't kill me kitty! Courtesy of Square Enix.
  • Ambuscade Update – Both Normal and Intense Ambuscade difficulties have new battles for players to challenge, with Intense Ambuscades featuring combat against fearsome iron giants.
  • Odyssey Update – Players will be able to test their strength against new monsters that have been added to Sheol: Gaol.
  • New Year's Alter Ego Expo – Beginning February 11 and lasting until March 1, the Alter Ego Expo will allow players to obtain the alter egos of numerous NPCs found throughout the campaign, which can aid them in their adventures.
  • Valentione's Day – Help the lovelorn (and chocobos!) find a special someone by participating in special quests and minigames across Vana'diel. Final Fantasy XI Players can obtain themed gear as a reward during this year's celebration.
  • Midwinter Succor Campaign: Part 1 – From February 11 to February 18, the Midwinter Succor campaign will provide players with a number of campaigns to interact with, including a combat and magic skill increase campaign, Mog Gardens campaign, Ambuscade gallantry campaign and more, all of which provide significant bonuses and rewards to players.
  • Midwinter Succor Campaign: Part 2 – The second leg of the campaign runs from February 19 to March 1 and provides further campaigns for players to enjoy, including chain experience bonuses, chain monstrosity bonuses, a double capacity point campaign, and much more.
  • February Login Campaign – Throughout the month of February, players can earn numerous login rewards, including the Wivre mount and the winning entry from the Shield Design 2020 Contest–Troth–available for only 10 points.

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