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Final Fantasy XI Receives September 2021 Update
Square Enix has released the brand new September 2021 update into Final Fantasy XI with some fun new additions to the game This particular update adds in Chapter 5 Part 2 of the ongoing The Voracious Resurgence storyline, along with a few new campaigns and in-game events you can jump into for special rewards The[...]
Final Fantasy XI Has Released The New August Update
Square Enix has released the August update for Final Fantasy XI, adding more content to the Voracious Resurgence and more The update adds more story to that campaign, but it also primarily focuses on putting more in-game events to other parts of the game for you to take part in So not a huge update,[...]
Final Fantasy XI Launches Celebration Ahead Of 20th Anniversary
Square Enix has revealed plans for a new in-game celebration for Final Fantasy XI ahead of the game's official 20th Anniversary The team is throwing a "We Are Vana'Diel" event that comes with its own website as well as forming a center of celebration to visit, as the long-running MMO slowly counts down to this[...]
Final Fantasy XI June Update Live - Travel to Aht Urhgan in Latest Story Quest Update
Square Enix revealed that they have added a new update today to Final Fantasy XI, as you head into the next leg of The Voracious Resurgence Players will be able to enjoy opportunities to obtain bonus rewards and get a chance to receive increased item drop rates for numerous pieces of content On top of[...]
Final Fantasy XI Celebrates 19th Anniversary With Latest Update
Square Enix released a new update today for Final Fantasy XI, bringing in new content to The Voracious Resurgence and more A lot of the update adds more to the current storyline in the game and gives you a few new things to do and collect But there's also a part of this that is[...]
Square Enix Gives Final Fantasy XI An Update For Its Current Story
Square Enix released a brand new update for Final Fantasy XI this week, giving the game new content for The Voracious Resurgence Without getting into any spoilers, this update brings with it a dramatic conclusion to the San d'Oria arc of the storyline, which will offer up a fresh twist for players as orcish fiends[...]
Final Fantasy XI Will Get A Free Update On Christmas Day
Square Enix revealed details on the latest update to Final Fantasy XI which adds the next entry to The Voracious Resurgence The storyline brings about new adventures to the story as we continue our journey in San d'Oria Things have taken a bit of a turning point for a lot of our characters as we[...]
Final Fantasy XI Gets A New Update For The Voracious Resurgence
Square Enix has released a new update this morning for Final Fantasy XI, as players get the next chapter in The Voracious Resurgence The content for this next chapter will have you setting out on a journey to San d'Oria, which is where Prince Trion will take part in the royal ball for all to[...]
Final Fantasy XI Will Get A Free Update On Christmas Day
Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XI Online has received a free update as well as other events that will carry over the rest of December The team will continue The Voracious Resurgence storyline with the December version update, pushing along the mystery-solving adventures in Windurst's Heavens Tower The story will feature the Star Onion[...]
Final Fantasy XI Receives The Voracious Resurgence Update
Square Enix has released a new update into Final Fantasy XI as players can now experience the second half of The Voracious Resurgence With this November update, you're getting the second part of this story series as the developers take you to Windurst's Heavens Tower It is here you will "overcome broken promises, false witnesses, and[...]
Final Fantasy XI Is Getting The Voracious Resurgence Storyline
Square Enix has revealed a brand new storyline is coming to Final Fantasy XI this month as the MMORPG will experience The Voracious Resurgence It's been a minute since the company has released this much content into the game as they've focused more attention on FF14, but their efforts to bring back loyal fans to[...]
Final Fantasy XI Still Hoping for New Players, 17 Years Later
Square Enix's original Final Fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI is celebrating it's 17th anniversary with a new update that adds features designed to help new players enjoy the game Yes, almost two decades later, and FFXI is still welcoming new players. The major fix Square Enix is working on is making the game faster to download, update, and set-up[...]
Square Enix Launches FFXI ReFriender for Final Fantasy XI
If you happen to be one of the many who once played Final Fantasy XI back in the day, Square Enix is launching something new to help you get back in The company has launched a new app called FFXI ReFriender, which is designed to help you reconnect with old players you may have run[...]
Final Fantasy XI's Kam'Lanaut has Joined the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster
Square Enix has brought Final Fantasy XI's Kam'lanaut to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as the fighting game's fourth Season Pass character If you've got the Dissidia season pass, you should be able to download him immediately. If you didn't play the original massive, long-running Final Fantasy MMO, Kam'lanaut was originally hailed as a hero by the people of Jeuno, though[...]