FireRed and LeafGreen Trainer Outfits Added to Pokémon GO

A new cosmetic surprise popped up today for Pokémon GO players as Niantic has added two new outfits to the trainer avatar system for you to choose from. And rather than generic costumes with no meaning behind them, these will both be a nice throwback to your childhood. In a tweet sent out earlier today, the developers added the LeafGreen and FireRed outfits to the game.

Now to be very clear about these outfits, they are purely cosmetic. They won't make you better at hunting down any specific kinds of Pokémon, nor are they best to use with Pokémon from the games that match the outfits. This is simply something you can choose to purchase and wear for the hell of it. The in-game price tag, however, is a bit steep as they're both set at 1,000 Pokécoins. So basically these are only for people who really want to relive that specific game. Also, much to our dismay, both of them are gender specific. Meaning only male trainers have access to FireRed and female trainers to LeafGreen. We can't wait until 48 hours from now when people are raising hell about this, as we're sure Niantic didn't plan for it.

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