Game Grumps Release Soviet Jump Game Free On Steam

The Game Grumps released a brand new video game this week, as the Fantastic Passion developed title Soviet Jump Game is on Steam. Adding to their now growing library which includes 2017's Dream Daddy, the game is an awesome little concept in the idea of what would have happened if someone took the battle royale concept and meshed it with old-school Nintendo graphics. Well, they made that, in what is a comedic but challenging take on '80s gaming and modern tropes. The game puts 50 players into a 2D platformer where you must run around, collect items and weapons, and defeat your enemies before every level in the game is bricked out. Which is their way of shrinking the playing field. If there are only two left for a tie, the game will have a sudden-death mode. Every game runs about 4-7 minutes as the action is basically mayhem from start to finish, all with old Soviet references to keep you laughing throughout. Here's a brief quote about the game from the Grumps.

Think you can beat 49 other people, comrade? Courtesy of the Game Grumps.
Think you can beat 49 other people, comrade? Courtesy of the Game Grumps.

"It was a really interesting challenge to merge these two genres that have never met. A huge, looping map was created with eight biomes, each one about the size of Mario's world 1-1. Familiar concepts to Battle Royale games like the map's shrinking radius were translated into things like The Pain Wall, where a large spiked wall spawns randomly in the map and grows outward" said Arin Hanson, co-founder of Game Grumps. "Battle Royales rely on communities, so to reach a wide audience and keep the gaming community thriving, we wanted to make the game free to play. The game also features a character customization economy, similar to games like Apex Legends and Fortnite."

You can play Soviet Jump Game right now on Steam, totally free, ready to be played by anyone looking for a fun alternative to battle royale. You can see more of the game in the trailer below.

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