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Rogue & Game Grumps Partner Up On New Psychological Horror Game
Rogue Games revealed today they've partnered up with the Game Grumps to release a brand new psychological horror title called Homebody The last time the Game Grumps was involved with making a video game, we got the popular dad dating simulator Dream Daddy Now it appears they've turned their talents to all things horror as[...]
Ross O'Donovan Drops Super RubberRoss World On Mario Experts
Ross O'Donovan, Twitch streamer and member of the Game Grumps, has dropped Super RubberRoss World on the Super Mario Maker 2 servers If you're not familiar with Ross' work when it comes to the Mario Maker series, he is one of the highest-rated level creators out there who actively streams on Twitch He was one[...]
Game Grumps Release Soviet Jump Game Free On Steam
The Game Grumps released a brand new video game this week, as the Fantastic Passion developed title Soviet Jump Game is on Steam Adding to their now growing library which includes 2017's Dream Daddy, the game is an awesome little concept in the idea of what would have happened if someone took the battle royale[...]
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The Game Grumps join the many YouTube and Twitch gamers who have been speaking out about the protests and supporting Black Lives Matter The company issued a statement on Twitter from both hosts Arin Hansen and Dan Avidan, as well as the rest of the staff, revealing that they would be pledging $20,000 toward charities[...]
"Game Grumps" Play "Magic: The Gathering: Arena"
Recently, the Game Grumps YouTube channel uploaded a video wherein one of their hosts, Arin Hanson, played Magic: The Gathering: Arena (the online interface for Wizards of the Coast's wonderfully-popular game Magic: The Gathering), while co-host Danny Avidan watched intently, bringing his own nostalgia into the mix. Source: The Grumps (YouTube) A few months back, the Grumps tried their hand[...]
"Game Grumps" Hosts Play "Magic: The Gathering"
From their Core 2019 commercial tying into their software interface Magic: The Gathering: Arena (wherein they hired Danny Trejo for a spot in the advertisement) to the addition of NFL athlete Cassius Marsh, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, to the Command Zone's "Game Knights" videos, Magic has had its share of celebrity appearances. Source: The Grumps (YouTube) Therefore,[...]
Dream Daddy Is Headed To Mobile and Nintendo Switch This Year
The game was developed and published by the Game Grumps as their first official video game and it's taken off ever since it was released almost two years ago It's an interesting achievement getting onto the Nintendo Switch, but we're stoked to see it there! credit//Game Grumps Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game where[...]
Arin Hanson from Game Grumps to Give PAX East Keynote
PAX East 2019 will be getting a little grump right off the bat as Arin Hanson of the Game Grumps will be giving the keynote speech on March 28th Hanson has been active in gaming, animation, voice acting, and even game development for years, making him a perfect fit for the opening "Storytime" address The[...]
Capcom Promotes the Field Of Fate Coming to Street Fighter V — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) March 15, 2019 One of the funniest responses we saw online to this was from Arin Hanson of the Game Grumps, who disputed the claim that this is where Sagat got his scar from Ryu While it is true that it's cannon from the film, it's not true when it comes to[...]
Ninja Sex Party danny dont you know
The video itself has a bunch of cameras like Arin Hanson from the Game Grumps and fellow band Starbomb, a shirtless Markiplier as a centaur, Tupper Ware Remix Party as the backing band to the song. We dig the song and the overall tone, too Yeah, it's NSP at their finest with a mix of references and[...]
Help the Game Grumps with Their Crisis Text Line Charity Stream on Twitch
The Game Grumps have launched a live charity stream on Twitch today for a very noble cause, as the group will be raising funds for the Crisis Text Line from 12-6 p.m PST The group will spend all six hours playing apocalyptic games like Mad Max, Half-Life 2, Fallout, and the Junkertown portion of Overwatch, along with special[...]
Clash Of The Titans: Funhaus & Game Grumps Meet In 'Overwatch' Again
For the second time, Funhaus and The Game Grumps met on the holy battlefield that is Overwatch to play a few rounds and see who was best for … something Fun, let's say fun! The Funhaus team consisted of Bruce Greene, Adam Kovic, James Willems, and Lawrence Sonntag, with special guest Steven Suptic (Sugar Pine 7)[...]
Can You Make Esports Relatable? We Explore The Possibilities In 'Good Game'
The video game related sitcom produced by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) and starring the Game Grumps (Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan) gained public interest alone when people learned those two comedic forces would be working together on a project So to say the series had an anticipating fanbase waiting for it to debut[...]
Leading Men & Mavens: The Game Grumps Talk About 'Good Game'
If you're not familiar with Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan of the Game Grumps, you're truly missing out on some of the best video game humor happening on YouTube Essentially a video game version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the duo record themselves playing video games both awesome and horrible while commenting on the game[...]
Who's Your Daddy? We Review 'Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator'
What wasn't was seeing the Game Grumps create, develop and produce their own game (Created by Leighton Gray and by Vernon Shaw, formerly of Hot Pepper Gaming), where they make fun of the genre in the most awkward way possible in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. credit//Game Grumps Dream Daddy puts you in the role of[...]