Gameforge Launches SoulWorker Anime Legends Onto Mobile Today

Gameforge revealed this morning that they have launched SoulWorker Anime Legends for both iOS and Android devices today. Musc like the PC version of the game, you will choose between six heroes known as SoulWorkers, who will go up against a number of evil forces in group battles. All of the evil comes from The Great Void, an all-absorbing portal which has been the cause of death for several million and has already paved the way for countless demons to arrive on this plane of existence. But fear not, as the emotions of SoulWorkers are powerful enough for them to transform their souls into amazing weapons which they use to battle the demons and send them packing. You can read more about the game below from today's announcement, and check out the latest trailer for the game as you can go download and play the game today.

Now you can experience the game on mobile, courtesy of Gameforge.
Now you can experience the game on mobile, courtesy of Gameforge.

SoulWorker Anime Legends brings the universe of the popular post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMORPG to mobile devices, offering an exciting new experience packed with high-energy battles, anime-inspired cinematic gameplay, and all-new and exciting quests. Gameforge's release of SoulWorker on mobile devices features new language localization, new community and support pages for western players, additional regional servers, and gameplay adjustments. To further differentiate the game from pre-existing versions, it has been named SoulWorker Anime Legends in Gameforge's supported territories.

"Following the success of publishing SoulWorker in western territories in 2018, Gameforge is proud to work with Aprogen Games to release the latest game in the series on mobile platforms," said Botond Nemeth, Executive Producer at Gameforge. "Whether you're an existing SoulWorker fan or someone who has yet to experience its exciting, anime-themed action, SoulWorker Anime Legends is an excellent adaptation of the popular MMORPG that fits in your pocket."

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