Games Workshop Previews Zoat Model! – "Blackstone Fortress"

Do you ever feel, in your games set in the grimdark future that Warhammer 40,000 imagines, that you're missing a fair supply of Zoats? Do you need Zoats in your games of Blackstone Fortress? Do Zoats get your goat every time?

Well, you're in luck, for Games Workshop, creator of the aforementioned games, is letting you get your hands on a Zoat model usable in both of those games!

Zoat preview
Source: Games Workshop

According to the Warhammer Community official news hub:

The setting of Blackstone Fortress gives us a rare glimpse into some of the strangest creatures and rarest artefacts of the 41st Millennium. This new expansion offers both, in the form of a mysterious and deadly alien.

Whether Zoats are new to you or you fondly remember the original, you're going to love this centaur-like creature. Festooned with exotic alien technology, it's unlike anything else we've seen so far in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The Deadly Alliance expansion is a totally new, standalone quest to test your explorers – replete with high-risk, high-reward excursions to put an end to an alarming phenomenon called the Seethe. Besides the Zoat retinue character, including its card and full rules for using it in your games of Warhammer 40,000, the box is loaded with location tiles, tokens, and tons of cards to represent new threats and loot for your explorers to discover.

Blackstone Fortress Deadly Alliance array
Source: Games Workshop

The Seethe amplifies the ever-shifting nature of the Blackstone Fortress to never-before-seen levels of danger – and, of course, that's exactly where your hapless explorers need to go.

They won't be going alone – the Zoat known as the Archivist has promised your group free rein to plunder, so long as they help it recover the remnants of an ancient Zoat spacecraft. Complete the quest for unique and powerful loot! Keep an eye out this week to learn more about Deadly Alliance!

GW Zoat
This is a Zoat. Source: Games Workshop

How do you feel about this newly-re-envisioned race entering the ranks of your Warhammer 40,000 games? Does it sound like fun? Surely, we will find out more soon!

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