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First launched in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, the series focuses on the ex-Spartan warrior Kratos and his mission to seek revenge on Ares for forcing him to kill his loved ones while under the Greek God of War's control- eventually becoming the God of War himself but longing to escape his fate In 2018, Santa[...]
God of War Ogre Comes To Life With New Iron Studios Statue
Earlier this week, we saw that Kratos and Atreus would be embracing the wilds and start their adventure It looks like one of the games Ogre's has caught their scent as Iron Studios brings one to life These brutes are powerful enemies in the God of War and will make a powerful new addition to[...]
God of War Kratos and Atreus Statue Coming to Iron Studios
Kratos and his son Atreus embrace the icy Nordic world on a journey for his late wife The journey is not what they expected, and the God of War has to come out of retirement to kick some Nordic God asses Iron Studios is capturing the power and grace of father and son with their[...]
God of War Kratos Life Size Bust from Gaming Heads
The statue will be 25" tall and will show off the bearded Kratos with parts of his Norse inspired landscape outfit The statue will have a nice hand numbered display base as this piece is only limited to only 500 pieces. The Kratos bust is very realistic with a nice elegant sculpt on his head and[...]
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The statue features Kratos and his son Atreus in all their fighting glory Both are decked out in the awesome black and gold styled deadly mist armor set The statue stands approximately 28 inches tall it is detailed to perfection details of them, their clothes and weapons depicted as accurately to the game as possible[...]
God of War Bad@$$ Kratos Gets a 1/6th Scale Figure From Mondo
God of War fans, Mondo has quite the awesome Kratos 1/6th scale figure up for preorder right now There are two versions- a regular edition and a Mondo exclusive that includes upgraded versions of the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos Both will include swappable heads and hands, chains, a severed head, detailed outfit, and[...]
God of War Main Theme - Tina Guo
If you enjoyed Santa Monica Studio's God Of War game release from this year, you should check out Tina Guo's newest music video. The score for the received Kratos continuation game is by Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary, who has previously worked with Guo on other projects (like the Battlestar Galactica concert!). Perhaps you've seen us mention Guo previously in such[...]
Director Cory Barlog Has Plans For 5 More 'God of War' Games
And the thing that was echoed over and over again when I was running into people was, 'Yeah I've got some ideas on how to make this better, how we can do all this stuff.' *** You can listen to the interview with Kotaku's Splitscreen podcast here. Fun update- Chris Judge, who voices Kratos in this most recent[...]
Kratos 'Boy' Remix: God of War Song You Need Today
In particular, Chris Judge voicing main character Kratos was a brilliant move, the actor's rich deep baritone voice evoking emotion throughout the title. One word in particular gets said a lot — and we mean A LOT — in the game Yes, there's a reason for this, the timber and tone often reflecting much more of the[...]
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It's obvious the designers wanted this title to appeal to more than one type of gamer. We've known the basic premise of Kratos (voiced by Chris Judge) and his youngest son Atreus (Sunny Suljic) going on a journey of both magic and familial discovery As the game begins, you learn that Kratos's wife has passed away, and she[...]
God of War
After all-the-hype and excitement, launch day for Sony Playstation's latest God of War title is finally here.  The next chapter in Kratos' saga is a familial one, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The company has been posting a lot lately about a special event that starts at 7:30pm PST on their, and here's where you can[...]
Playstation Announces 'God Of War' Countdown Less Than 24 Hours Before Release — PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 19, 2018 The message included an image, which says the countdown will happen at the website. The website currently has a vid stream featuring all kinds of God of War goodies, including some BTS stuff with this title's composer Bear McCreary, as well as gameplay footage previously released. Another tweet from Playstation today had[...]
PlayStation Releases Bear McCreary's God of War Soundtrack on Spotify a Week Early
Some early reviews of the title are going so far as to proclaim things like monumental storytelling, incredible graphics, stellar soundtrack, and Game of the Year. Voiced this time around by Christopher Judge (Stargate), this chapter of the Kratos saga continues into the character's future, where he's training his young son in the ways of battle and the[...]
Gaming Icons Light The Way With The Latest Set Of Pixel Pals
Again, one look and you know exactly who you're putting on the desk, so it works well. Moving into the more detailed territory, we have Kratos who has got all sorts of color mixture going on to define his garb as well as the red mark across his face They even threw in some extra variations of[...]
God of War Loot Crate Special Edition Box
The crate, costing $50, will feature all sorts of different God of War exclusive merchandise like clothing, figures, in-game items, and everything else we have come to expect and love from Loot Crate. Join Kratos and his son, Atreus, on their dangerous journey through the harsh, unforgiving Norse wilds with the God of War™ Limited Edition[...]